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Kenmore/Whirpool range XXXXXXXXXX Initially had F2 code with

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Kenmore/Whirpool range XXXXXXXXXX Initially had F2 code with sporadic operation of pad and oven, so I replaced the keypad . The when plugged power on I got a PFcode. No response from Keypad or oven. I replaced the microcomputer but still get the PF code and no response from keypads or oven. Stove top burners OK.
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It sounds like you still have a problem with the keypad itself. Either you have received a defective new one or you do not have the ribbon cable plug seated correctly. If it has a ribbon style plug they can often be tricky to get plugged in making contact correctly. Make sure it is fully seated and locked down in the board female socket. If you still can not get it to work, send back the touchpad. The PF code will not clear until you can press Cancel so the clock is not receiving input from the touchpad still. This is a touchpad issue for sure nothing more. Maybe just Murphy's law on a bad part. That can be frustrating, but double check to make sure it is seated correctly as I have run into that issue many times and typically can get it fixed without issue by just unplugging it and reseating the ribbon cable.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have reseated many times and unplugged and plugged in power but still get the PF code. You say if the Key Pad works correctly I should at least be able to get the Off/Cancel button to work to at least reset, is that right? I also disconnected the Keypad ribbon to the computer board and it still says PF but I guess you need a working Keypad to reset that YES?

OK thank you


Yes exactly you got a bad keypad
Appliance Guru and 3 other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you