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I have a sanyo KS0951 mini split. The ac will not turn on unless

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I have a sanyo KS0951 mini split. The ac will not turn on unless i repeatedly hit the on/off button. It then runs fine for about 10 minutes and shuts off. It is cooling fine. This just started the other day and has been on for about the last month and a half

Jon : Sounds like the compressor or run cap is shorting out. How old is the unit?
Jon : Do you have a meter to run some checks with ?
Jon : please get back to me here and I will help you through a diagnosis for the system.

Put a new compressor in 2011under warranty. Unit was installed in Oct 06. When it gets going, cools fine. Unit inside will not stay on. I was playing with it yesterday trying to get it to turn on. I repeatedly hit on/off button. The indicator light would blink and unit would beep. Then the vane that positions the airflow would pulsate. The unit would then stop. Eventually, it would turn on. After a while of this, I would try to get it going again, now nothing happens. The light does not blink, there is no beep, nothing as if there is no power. I thought maybe there was an internal circuit breaker. I left the unit alone all night. There is still nothing this morning. In the unit, by the circuit boards, it feels warm, even though it was not on all night. Someone told me the board (s) might be bad. I don't have a meter.

Jon : Ok. After what you explaining now sounds like the fuse on the board or the main board is shorting out. Is this under warranty?
Jon : i so call to have It serviced. It almost sounds like you have a bad compressor. Escape jammy since the unit feels warm. If the compressor over eats it shirts out and will stop until it is cool enough. And if it gets hot enough it could shoe out the board since it is connected electrically.
Jon : If no meter the only thing you can do is open the unit up and look at the board for any burn marks and find the fuse next to it and replace it and the. Try it ag
Jon : sorry
Jon : then try it again. If it powers on and runs then you should be good. But if it shorts out again you need to have it services. So someone can check the compressor and main board for you. If you want to spend the money on the machine n
Jon : please get back to me here if you have Mmore questions and I'll continue helping you.
Jon : Thanks. And please remember to rate my performance positively.

the unit will not do anything anymore. The fuse (glass fuse) on the board appears to be ok. I have not seen anything on the board that would leave me to believe that it is burned or anything. I will look again. This unit is not under warranty. I haven't taken the cover off of the outside part, but I will check it out too. The thing is, the unit will not even turn on inside anymore. When I had the bad compressor before, the unit turned on fine but just wouldn't cool. This unit (when it did turn on) cools just fine. How expensive are these boards in the inside unit? They look like they are just unplug remove and plug in a new board. There are two of them. Which one would be most likely to go bad? Where would I be able to buy them?

Jon : The boards are ussually the cause for the unit not turning on. Usually they short out.
Jon : and they are most likely not worth replacing. There are a few hundred. But let me check the pricing and ill get back to you in a few hours.

You say they are not worth replacing. Are you saying I need a whole new unit???? Also, how much do they cost so I'll be able to decide course of action.

Jon : Sorry for the delay.
Jon : Just getting your response now. Let me check the pricing now for you. Be right back.
Jon : It is hard for me to tell if you need a whole new unit without being there to check it. If the compressor at one point had beenworkingbut not now then I would say that the board or fuse onthe board is bad. But being that the compressor wasn't even working when it was running indicates that the compressor is bad as well.
Jon : it seems that you have two issues. First that the machine doesn't even power on now. Ad second, when it did, it was not cooling.
Jon : the cost of repair with labor to fix a machine like this could be as much as $600-1000. If you need a new compressor and main board then that is what the cost of repair would be about. Now if this machine is older then 6 years I would definitely not spend that much to fix rather just replace it. But if the board is bad or even just the fuse then it might be worth it. The repair cost for the board and labor would be about $300-$500 depending on the repair company.
Jon : Also keep in mind Sanyo doesn't make this model unit any longer so parts may be discontinued. Or even made no longer available. So that would make fixing the unit almost impossible.
Jon : new units similar to this one will start at about $900. But depending on model can go up as high as $2000.
Jon : if it was me and this was my machine, given the fact the compressor was repaired once already and now the machine doesn't even come on, I would just save my money on repairing it and get a newer more energy efficient one.
Jon : please get back to me here if you have any other questions.
Jon : Thanks
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Should you have any other questions or concerns please get back to me here and I will help you more for no additional charge.

Thanks again.