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I have a Danby DDR6510E portable dehumidifier, 3 years old,

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I have a Danby DDR6510E portable dehumidifier, 3 years old, 1 year warranty. This year, the fan runs, compressor runs, zero water extracted from the air. Air temp is 20C/68F, RH 70%, machine set to 60%. After running for an hour, measured temp of the surface of the compressor was 107C/225F. Expect smoke next!

This tells me the coolant has all leaked from the cooling circuit. Any idea of the cost of repair as it is out of warranty? I am not impressed as it has run no more than about 200 hrs over 3 seasons. Has never been tipped or moved other than rolled on its wheels into off-season storage.

Hi I,m John I will help you with the dehumidifier,problem .
can you feel the cooling coils in the front of the unit and tell me how many of the coils are cold please .
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi John

It's very difficult to get to the coils on the front but from the back, there is no temperature difference between the two copper pipes into and out of the compressor. The in pipe is a little warmer than ambient, probably conduction from the hot compressor body. The out pipe (insulated) is the same temp (under the insulation) as the ambient temp of the dehumidifier's case. All measured with an IR remote thermometer.


By 'finger test' from the back of the unit, the top coil and the bottom coil are the same temp.


P.S., I can hear the compressor start up after the fan starts when I turn it on.





Hope that helps.

If the compressor starts up and the fan starts up as well the problem is a leak in the system,its a very common problem with those units and its really not woth repairing .
if you require more assistance let me know please .
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