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Randy 43
Randy 43, Home Appliance Technician
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Jenn aire touch control panel, only timer is working. Tried

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Jenn aire touch control panel, only timer is working. Tried turning off & on breaker switch, w/ out result. New "green" technician says we need new touch control panel ($400 parts & labor) and "possibly a $300 part - electrical control". We do have fairly frequent power surges in our neighborhood.

Randy 43 :

Hello, my name is XXXXX XXXXX iam happy to help you with your question no other buttons can be programmed and it was working perfectly before a power surge ? do you have a model number?thx


Oven was working perfectly. Guessing it may have had power surge since we have them frequently. Only functions that work on touch panel are the two timers. Model # XXXXX 9800 BAS.

Randy 43 :

When the touchpad doesnt respond there are only a few thing that you can try one is turning the breaker off for a few minutes which you have tried , the other thing is cleaning the touchpad ribbon with rubbing alcohol and making sure it is inserted into the control properly , other wise you need to change the touchpad ,it usually is just the touchpad ,the control is generally ok and not affected by a nonresponsive touchpad ,below is a pic of the touchpad and the ribbon on the back that you can try cleaning with rubbing alcohol if you want to try that first..

Randy 43 :

Touchpad and Control Panel 74005747        Alternate Product View
Full Size Image


Unable to loosen screws. Will have to wait until AM for husband to do so. Is it possible for me to print off your instructions w/ image? Suggestions where to purchase touch pad if we need new one?

Randy 43 :

you can purchase online at or any parts store can get it for you can just respond back to this question at any time

Randy 43 :

come back to question for image

Randy 43 :

if it is black,this is the part number

Randy 43 : Touchpad and Control Panel 74005747

RepairClinic Item #895130 (OEM Part)


Touchpad and control panel assembly, black

Manufacturer Number 74005747


More? Waiting 20 min.

Randy 43 :

im sorry , did you need me for something else ? i meant if you needed to see anything here of our conversation you can just keep coming back to this question ,i apologize if i mislead you


I thought your answer was complete. Confused by last word, "more".

Randy 43 :

that word was on the end of my paste ,sorry wasnt supposed to be there

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Was going to order touch pad from repair clinic, however, noticed it does not look identical to current touch pad that I have.

It may be misssing that last number or letter , there are 3 different colors if you can double check the model i will look again
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I already ordered part before I rec'd your email. I did look up part on Repair Clinic and found correct touch pad and just ordered it. I understand I can return first part w/ in 30 days. Was wondering if it would be possible to be reimbursed for shipping to & from my house for first part that is not correct part?

you would have to contact repairclinic if it isnt open they probably take it back