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Hi, Ive got a DPAC12010H - 3 years old - thats worked well

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Hi, I've got a DPAC12010H - 3 years old - that's worked well until today; now whenever the compressor kicks in there's an extra loud whirring "fan" kind of noise in addition to the normal and relatively quiet blower fan. Looks like we're out of warranty. Is this worth fixing or should I replace>
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From the sound of it, the compressor is going bad....there is nothing else that would cause that set of will cost more to replace the compressor than just buying a new unit. Even if you were to replace the compressor, the control module would likely be next in a year or two, then the fan motor.

These units quite sophisticated with many nice features, but are built to sell at a low price point, they are not built to last, or be easily repairable at US labor rates.

for replacement cost.

Let me know if you need more data, as long as you rate my responses *positively I can hold the question open for you.

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