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Appliance Tech Dave
Appliance Tech Dave, Home Appliance Technician
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I have a Maytag 6AMTW5555TQ, leaves residue on dark clothing.

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I have a Maytag 6AMTW5555TQ, leaves residue on dark clothing. Tried several different powders and liquids. After washing a load the only way residue is lessened is when I put the load through 2 rinse cycles. This helps quite a bit but not with everything. Having to do two rinse cycles is not ideal or good enough. Do you have any suggestions? Is this a fault with the machine or is there something else I could be doing to avoid this problem?

Appliance Tech Dave :

Hello, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will help you with your washer. Your washer is a direct drive, no belt washer and is very reliable. It does have a fairly high agitation speed that can cause more linting than a front load style washer. If you are not using a tumble dryer it will be worse. My suggestion would be to cut back on agitation time as much as possible. 5 or 6 minutes will be all that is needed. Sort dark clothes by themselves and white by themselves. Keep lint givers like towels away from lint takers like dark cotton shits and pants. There is nothing in the washer that would cause this unless there is a buildup of dirt and crud in the outer tub. If you fill the washer up full with very hot water and a heavy detergent and wash as long as possible and then let it sit and soak all night it should loosen some of the crud. The run an empty cycle the next day with detergent but no clothes. In a few cycles the problem should improve as long as the wash times are short. Hope this helps. Dave


The residue left on the clothes is not lint it looks more like dirt and does not brush off the clothes when they are dry. The clothes have to be rinsed out in clean water before the residue comes off the clothes. I am very particular with sorting the clothes and never add towels or other lint giver fabrics particularly with dark colours. My husbands work clothes get very dirty and I generally wash these on a normal cycle and after the load has finished I use the rinse cycle twice. Do you think the work clothes could be the culprit in leaving a buildup of dirt in the outer tub? I will try your suggestion with soaking the tub although I have tried cleaning with vinegar & baking soda which really didn't make a difference.

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