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I have a GE JDP90DP1BB. Up until yesterday all was fine.

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I have a GE JDP90DP1BB. Up until yesterday all was fine. Now microwave oven does not work. The display is blank and it does not respond to any button pushing. Door catches appear to be okay. Lower oven in acting normal, display is lit and oven light comes on when door is opened. Circuit breaker is on and has been turned off and on.
I am wondering if there is a fuse inside the unit for the microwave section that may have blown?
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Yes there is normally a fuse inside the microwave on that unit. You would need to remove the top grille and get the screws out to hinge down the control panel to get inside the microwave. Some of the built in units can be more tricky to get into, but there is an internal fuse inside the unit that is likely tripped. The model you have listed is not coming up as valid so you may want to double check it.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX try this. I am not at the location of the unit now and will not be until Friday, so I cannot try it now. When I go there on Friday I will recheck to model number (yes, it is a built-in), and try your solution (I assume I will have to get a fuse). It will probably be after noon on Friday when I can reconnect with you and rate this service. How do I reconnect at that time?

Just come back here
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The service was not useful mainly because I gave you the wrong model number. On Sunday I went to the location of the oven and found that the model number was JKP90DP1BB. I took the frame and grill off and I think that I could see the fuse toward the back of the inside of the unit, but I was not set up to spend more time dealing with the problem then so I put everything back together. Since I really don't have the time, in this instance, to deal with it I called a repair company today and they will be here Weds.

I am curious to know if I had given you the correct model number if you would have given me enough information to fix the problem for the $30 that I paid you. I would like to know this as it will help me decide whether or not I will call the next time I have a problem. I am not interested in any kind of membership which requires a monthly payment.

Yes the correct model would have made all the difference. All I ask is that you please rate my assistance Ok or higher otherwise I recieve no credit for my time. Thanks and please do try again in the future.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Please answer the rest of my question: if I had given you the correct model number would you have given me enough information to solve the problem for the $30 I had paid you?

Yes if you gave the correct model I would have solved your issue.

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