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Whrlp Master Tech
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i have a maytag neptune TL washing machine and it isnt draining.

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i have a maytag neptune TL washing machine and it isnt draining. i am pretty sure the drain or pump is just clogged. if i take the front panel of the washer off i can see the drain hose from the drum to the pump but have no clue how to get inside any of this to check it or clean it out. i need a walk through

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May I have the model number of your unit to know which of the maytag neptune models you have?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.


Thank you

Your unit has hose clamps that hold the hoses on to the pump just loosen the screw drive on the clamps and then you can repmove the hoses to look in the hoses and in the pump

this may help graphic

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok i will try this but what if it doesnt work? and also, there is water in the washer at the moment. do i need to dip it out first


I was only answering the question you asked .

If youfind nothing in the hoses or the pump check if the pump is runing or if it is even getting voltage .

And yes if it has water in it you will have to bail the bail the water out .or if you have a shop vac you can use that to remove the water.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok got the hose off and a bunch of water just came pouring out. after letting that drain then came a bunch of black grunky stuff. i dont know exactly how im supposed to check and see if the pump of clogged because it so far back in the washer and it is hooked to a bunch of electrical wire. since i let all that drain should i try and run it again and see what happens? its just a pain since id have to put it all back together completely before i do that. i wish there were some way to tell if the pump is clogged too?

look inside the pump and turn the impellor by hand !
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i would love to look inside the pump but unfortunately it is out of my reach. i cant get to it from the front of the washer opening. and its connected to a bunch of other stuff so im afraid to remove everything

ok then I can only suggest to put it back togeather and try it then .

If you do not feel you can take the pump out!

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i put it back together and ran a cycle. it drained this time through the first half of the cycle succesfully, but then it got to the last 11 min and now is saying it wont drain again :( water was flowing really steady out of the drain hose the first time so it didnt seem to be clogged at all any more. i dont know what it could be this time. i guess i wlll take it apart again. thank you


when it should be draining can you hear of feel if the motor on the pump is actaully running?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
When it drained the first time it was definitely running. And it was loud. Then it filled up again and spun around and went to drain again, it kept making a loud clicking noise and then eventually gave me an error message on the screen

Sounds as if you have something in the pump = clicking noise

If you could take it out I would suggest to replace it .

but since you are not able to I can only suggest to call for service to have a pro do the work .

If you do decide to try ,here is a link to the part CLICK HERE


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