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We have a Fisher Paykel washer that is leaking from the bottom...any

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We have a Fisher Paykel washer that is leaking from the bottom...any suggetions before calling a repair tech?
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If you tip the washer backwards, can you determine where exactly it's leaking under the washer? Any particular part of the cycle the leak occurs?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

lifted up, no hoses under washer, no sign of leak, can't tell what cycle leaks, water is on floor after cycle is finished. Not a lot of water, about 2 cups

OK so it's a bit hard to know exactly where the washer is coming from, but leaks on this washer don't normally come from hoses. You'll want to lift the lid and there are 2 plastic caps in the front right and left corner of the top frame that you can pry off with a knife. Pull these caps off and unscrew the screws before below them. The top panel will thinge hinge up and backwards. I think the best thing to do is run a cycle without these screws installed. Then you can lift the top panel a few times throughout the cycle to see if you can determine where the leak is coming from. Normally the leak will come from the fill flume which is the part that fills up the tub mounted to the bottom of the top panel toward the back of the tub. The fill flume would need to be replaced if it's leaking. Nother possibility is that the circulation hose in the back right corner that runs from the bottom of the tub up to the top of the tub will get lint clogged in it and the water will shoot out and hit the agitator causing it to splash over top of the outer lip of the tub and drip down. If this is your issue, you just need to clean out the recirculation hose. Either way, you'll need to locate where the leak is coming from before you can really know what needs to be done to fix the issue.
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