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Reading posts on the internet MANY have the same problem and

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Reading posts on the internet MANY have the same problem and everyone seems to say the suggested answer does not work.

Problem - Samsung RB1944SL

Both freezer and refrigerator will not stay cool. Display flashes temperature and not error codes. Have vacuumed out coils and no help. Unplugging unit and plugging back in, compressor kicks in and cools properly down to temperature. However, unit will not maintain temperature and compressor does not kick in untill again unplugging and plugging back in. Compressor sounds normal. No odd noises.
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So this is a common problem for Samsung refrigerators in generally and unplugging the refrigerator usually gets the unit to reset and work until the refrigerator gets down to temperature, at which point it never turns back on. The Display flashes the temperature because it knows it's too warm for your set temperature. Unfortunately the problem is your main control board. The logic used in the board to continue cooling is just not activating and only the initial cooling logic is working correctly. You'll need to order and replace the main control board on the back of the refrigerator to fix the issue and below is a link tot he control board you need to order for your model.

CLICK HERE for control board

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I figured it is the problem also because it is the only common element to both the refrigerator and freezer cooling (I believe this unit does not share interior coils, only the compressor). For the thermisters to fail in both freezer and refrigerator at the same time is very un-likely. Compressor runns so I do not suspect the starter unless there is something quirky that allows it to start initially but not later by commenads from the refrigerator.


My only hesitation is that most internet posts from online advice or AFTER the technician has left is that the fix does not work. This my be 10% of those with the problem or 100%. I do not know. The successful fixes are not posted, only the ones with continued problems. I also am seeing where some think the display also needs to be replaced. Possible?


Finally, you would not have a diagram on where in the refrigerator the control board is do you? Is it down in back with the coils or up front near the display board. Or elsewhere. Thank you. Your link to Repair Clinic is where I go to get my parts. Let me know your thoughts on whether there are other options for the problems like a stuck defrost cycle or something and what may cause it. Thank you. Steve

So unfortunately it is possibly that the display board could also be affected and needs to be replaced, but there is no way to test for this and know for certain. But I would definitely start with replacing the main board to fix this problem as that is the board I've found most likely to cause the problem. Plus, allows you to return control boards if you end up not needing them unlike most parts stores.

But just for reference, if you had a problem with any sensor or heating element or fan or anything like that, you'd get an error code which would be on your display all the time which would look like 88 89 etc... Without that you know the problem is one of the control boards.

That being said, the board location isn't really shown on the diagram but it's definitely not on the front of the refrigerator. There are 3 locations, either on the top of the refrigerator toward the back below a plastic cover, on the back of the refrigerator behind an 8" x 10" access panel. Or down back by the compressor below the refrigerator. Either way, you pull the refrigerator out to access this board.

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