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I am in the process of opening a Frozen Yogurt store with a

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I am in the process of opening a Frozen Yogurt store with a baking component. I am looking to buy a three door heavy duty freezer and refrigerator. The area where they will be kept will be well away from the single oven and the place is air conditioned. My ceiling height is 9', both the fridge and the freezer are 84" high with the casters. I have a few questions and need some advise picking out the right ones. Are any of the major brand more susceptible to to failure, or are any features to look out for that makes a them more unreliable, i.e Micro Processor temperature control. I am looking at
Hello, and thank you for using this service. I'll be helping you with your problem today.

So may I ask which brands in general you were looking at in particular? I have my personal preference from a service point of view, but I'm just curious if there was something you were looking at in particular?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The initial question box does not allow too many words, that's why I was not able to complete may questions. I was saying, I am looking at a Traulsen GS0010 3, 69cf Fridge, a Beverage Air HR 3-1S, 74cf. Fridge and a Turbo Air PRO-77F Freezer (77cf) In reference to the other questions, whats you opinion? Also, are they susceptible to power surges and how to protect against this.

So none of these unit are really protected against power surges, but you can usually have an electrician install a surge protector into the breaker box to protect them against surges which is definitely something I recommend on these newer units that have control board.

So my top two brands as far as reliability would be True and Traulsen. I sounds like the GS0010 3 would be a good model, but I would probably avoid getting the Beverage Air only because getting parts for this brand can be somewhat difficult. Turbo Air units are fairly reliable as well and I rarely have control board issues on them, but they tend to have more failed fan motors and defrost issues than other units.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Any Information on bottom compressor vs top mount in my particular situation? Is 2' above the top mount unit good enough? With regards XXXXX XXXXX in panel surge protector, where do you get them. I am in Bermuda and in the construction industry and never seen them, I suspect, they don't have them there. I am in Florida on vacation as we speak so I could pick them up. Is the surge protector protecting the entire panel, or just each circuit. Can they fit in any panel, or do each type of panel have some unique to that panel. Also, do they protect against both surges and spikes and are they rated by the jouels like the household surge protectors?

In reference to the surge protectors you're really going to need to speak with an electrician and not an appliance repair man. That being said the surge protectors that you put on your breaker box are only for the specific circuit that you are protecting and not the entire breaker. They will be specific to the type of breaker box that you have. Because different breaker boxes will often times use different breakers. But realistically you should probably speak with an electrician to find out where you can pick up one of these while in Florida. They don't generally carry them at common hardware stores such as Home Depot. They're more of a commercial product. It honestly doesn't matter whether the compressor is mounted on the bottom or top. if you're mounting it on the bottom and you spray your floors clean then that could potentially cause an issue, otherwise, 2" inches of clearance is sufficient to not cause any problems.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

With regards XXXXX XXXXX True and Traulsen, since based on my location, I wont be able to just go and pick up a part. What part would you recommend to keep on hand. In other words, what's the most likely part or parts to go bad, that I should have just in case. It goes with out saying that the control board would be the main thing to keep on hand, but what else.

In general I think if you're talking about issues that need to be fixed without any delay or the unit won't operate, I would probably keep an evaporator fan motor in stock as well as an overload relay, which is the start device that starts the compressor. Those would be items you would want to have on hand because other issues such as defrost can be worked around by just unplugging the unit and then it would be good for a week, buying you time to get the part as well as being able to schedule the down time to allow the part to arrive.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok, I guess that's it. Is there anything that I have not covered that you might want to add that I may want to be aware of.

I know you're not going to have a lot of grease in a yogurt shop but you will still definitely want to clean the condensor coils at least twice a year. That will save you a lot of heading for various reasons. The condensor coils are going to be located next to the compressor, and they're the part that cools the compressor off.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok. Thanks.

You are very welcome
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