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I have an LG Ductless system with the plasma self cleaning

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I have an LG Ductless system with the plasma self cleaning filter. Occassionally the condesate drain gets blocked and condesate drips on the inside. Blowing in the drain tube from the outside unblocks the line and drains fine. Is the drain pan accessible from the inside so I can check for any blockage?

Welcome to Just Answer!

You can follow the drain line to the unit in the ceiling and notice a removeable panel just above the drain line... turn the power off and remove the panel. You should not have to remove more than 4 screws.


The access panel will have nothing else mounted on it... just a plain flat panel.

Look that over and tell me what you find, We can go from there as long as you keep rating my assistance positigely... there is no time limit in that case.


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I think you might have the wrong equipment. This unit is an LG ductless system. The air handler hangs on the inside of the wall. The pressure lines and the condensate line go thru a 4" diameter hole. The condensate line can't be more than 5' long. Can you tell me if the condensate drain pan is accessible from the inside?

Hello again, you are correct. I was referring to the above the ceiling mounted unit, not the wall mounted unit.

Typically, with few exceptions....
The entire plastic front is removable from the wall mounted units, There are 4 to 5 screws holding it place. Two reachable *through the front air discharge louvers with a *long phillips screw driver... (some are hexagonal head screws)... and two at the bottom of most models, and one hidden inside the flip out control panel.

After those screws are removed, the bottom of the plastic front cover pulls out when you slide a screw driver in each side to spread the plastic off of small dogs formed into the plastic... then the entire piece lifts off... three plastic dogs on the top engage slots in the metal frame of the unit..

You will notice that there is metal wire piece that goes from the air sweep driver motor to the air sweep vanes on some models... you must detatch that.

Then the drip pan is fully accessible running along the bottom.

Let me know how it goes,

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks. I know the exactly what you are talking about. I was just reluctlant to start taking everything apart. I noticed that your a mechanical engineer..I'm a structural engineer, recently semi-retired. Thanks again.

Ha! I am semi retired as well... working here on Just Answer from my place in Antiqua Guatamala, with maid service.. total cost under $700 a month... with 4 volcanos nearby that blow smoke, ash and lightening at each other.

Its a picturesque place. Very nice people.

I will put the rating box up now, if you choose to rate my advice positvely the company gives me a percentage of your deposit, and I hold the question open for follow up.

Phil and 2 other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Thanks for the positive rating and bonus!

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