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miele dishwasher G 2872 SCVi how can I reboot the screen from

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miele dishwasher G 2872 SCVi how can I reboot the screen from black
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This is a fairly common issue with your unit. More than likely the electronic control is bad as a lot of them went bad for that issue. Here is the testing you should do before replacing the control, these are the tests right from the service manual. Almost everytime it is a board failure though as you can even see in the testing procedure, but you still should check it with a volt meter to make sure.

Check for power to electronic. If no power is present, check wire
continuity between electronic and terminal block X3/1.
4. Check for power to main switch (pushbutton switch S2). If switch is
inoperative, replace it. (In machines where the switch is part of the
electronic, replace the electronic.)
5. Check for power to door contact switch S24. If the door contact switch
has power, replace the electronic.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Dishwasher washed ok overnight and door was open normally in morning but error message "automatic door opener faulty" what has that got to do with a electronic board failure. Are you saying the door opener fault is fairly common and is due to the electronic board fail. Could it not be the door switch. When my wife opened the door to unpack the dishwasher in the morning only then did the buzzer chirp for 2 mins.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

How can I know where term block X3/1 is without a diagram.

Where is Push button switch S2

where is door contact switch S24

can you email me a diagram

Yes I sure can. Here is a link to the wiring diagram for your unit.

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