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I have a Bosch B20S80SNS side by side. Ice forms in the bottom

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I have a Bosch B20S80SNS side by side. Ice forms in the bottom of the freezer and freezes bottom 2 bins shut. The food on the top 2 shelves does not freeze, just stays cold. Water stands on the floor in front of the freezer occasionally.
Hello, and thank you for using this service. I'll be helping you with your problem today.

This is a very common issue and it means that your defrost drain line has frozen over and will need to be thawed out. This often times happens for no reason at all and is just random. You will need to remove everything out of your freezer and remove the back panel inside the freezer. Use a hair dryer to thaw all the ice out and locate the drain hole. Pour hot water down the drain hole until it's draining properly again. Once it's draining properly blow compressed air down to make sure it's clear. If you don't have compressed air, use a turkey baster to make sure the drain line is clear and draining properly. Cut a solid copper piece of wire about 6 inches long. Wrap it around the defrost heater a couple times just above the drain hole and extend it 2 inches into the defrost drain hole. That will transfer heat into the drain hole when the defrost heater turns on and will prevent the defrost drain line from freezing over in the future.

Also, if you didn't want to use a copper wire, there is an actual kit made which you can wrap around the heater if you wanted to buy the actual kit to perform this task.

CLICK HERE for kit

Now you do want to check one other thing. There is a fan over top of the silver coils that you can see once you remove the back panel inside the freezer. Shut the door for 15 seconds and then open the door quickly and is the fan over the coils running? If not, replace the fan motor. Keep in mind that the fan only runs when the door is shut which is why you must shut the door and open it quickly to see if it's running.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Just in case this doesn't work, could there be anything else? Thanx!


I suppose as a last resort if the fan isn't running that the control board would need to be replaced because it's not sending power to the fan motor, but I really wouldn't worry too much about that as I've never actually seen it happen.

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