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Have an electric HE4T front load dryer. All the controls are

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Have an electric HE4T front load dryer. All the controls are not responsive until I unplug P3 and P4 ribbon cables. Once plugged back in I have control for one dry cycle then I have to un plug the cables again? I am not sure if its the power board or the control board. Seems like a capacitor is bad or something
Hello, and thank you for using this service. I'll be helping you with your problem today.

So unfortunately there is just no way to test between the main relay board on the back left panel of the dryer and the display board. But given that you said you can unplug the ribbon cables and plug them back in and that fixes the problem but unplugging the dryer and plugging it back in won't reset the issue, it sounds like the display interface board (the part where you touch the buttons to set the cycle) is the part that has failed and will need to be replaced. That being said, since you can't test on this particular issue, I would highly recommend ordering the part from because they are one of the few places that will allow you to return the control board if you end up not needing them. Either way, you'll need the model number to order the correct part which is located on a sticker just inside the door way and will start with a 110 . XXXXXXXXX. The cost of the part is usually about $200.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Got the power to come on with unplugging and plugging in the ribbon cables. Started a drying cycle once started I hit the pause button while paused I unplugged both cables. A few seconds later the dryer stated back up with the controls unplugged. Plugged the cables back in and none of the buttons would respond only thing I could do to stop it was flip the breaker. So do you still think its the touch pad control pad? I don't want to spend 300 and that not fix it. Plus most places are out of stock right now.
Unfortunately this is part of appliance repair when it comes down to parts that are un-testable but with that being said it does sound like your interface control board is bad and needs to be replaced. You are correct in that it is common for the part to be out of stock, but I would still order the part from repairclinic just because it is a $300 part and you can return it if you don't need it.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Only thing is they don't have one till Sep 4th. I can't wait that long.
That I can understand but hopefully this does end up being the problem. There's just no way to be certain. But I really do think that these symptoms sound like the interface panel is going out and NOT the main board.