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Hello I have a GE Model #PDW9280J00SS. The keypad had a problem

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Hello I have a GE Model #PDW9280J00SS. The keypad had a problem (all the buttons worked except the Start button). I replaced the keypad two days ago and everything worked fine. Started the machine and did a couple loads. Now today the keypad is completely dark (no green lights) and not working. No sounds coming from the dishwasher like there is no power (I know the power is on because the Microwave is on the same line and working). Any suggestions?
Hello, and thank you for using this service. I'll be helping you with your problem today.

Hmm, so this is a really difficult problem to diagnose because you can't test the touchpad or the control board. Now you did just replace the touchpad so the most likely case is that the touchpad failed again. If you're sure the dishwasher is getting power, do check your junction box behind the kick panel below the door to make sure none of the wires from the power supply cord have shorted out. I would warranty out the keypad because there is a 30 day warranty through the manufacture on parts in case they come faulty. Do make sure you use something like "Goo Gone" or something to that effect to remove all the sticker residue after you remove the touchpad sticker. If you have residue left, it can allow steam or moisture to get under the touchpad and short it out.

Other than that, if you're sure the ribbon cable is securely connected to the control board and it still doesn't work, you'd need to replace the control board inside the door because it has just failed for one reason or another.

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