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I have a ge monogram zdIS15CSS STAINLESS ice maker. Kids yanked

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I have a ge monogram zdIS15CSS STAINLESS ice maker. Kids yanked on door. Two parts broke from what I can tell.

I've identified one as:
hinge sleeve door stop (NNN) NNN-NNNN
But the parts stores all seem to say not available.

Also broken is a plastic cap that covers the length of the bottom of the door. I can't find that as a separate part on the diagrams online.

I see some similar models where they sell the entire door, but it's not very clear 1) if that includes the cap, and 2) if it includes the other broken piece. Also, I cannot find it for exact model (stainless ZDIS15CSS). And all doors are non-returnable it looks like.

Any ideas how I can get this repaired? Will local repair guy have better access to parts? Or GE??


Id be happy to help you out with this. 2 issues so far, this is a GE monogram refrigerator, the part number you listed is for a whirlpool icemaker .... so I'm not sure where you would have gotten that part number. Here's the official GE diagram for your model, lemme know what it looks like has broken. Also I can't tell for sure, but I would guess also that they door would have to be bought for the other strip piece. That is how ge likes to do it unfortunately and doors/ door parts aren't cheap. Lemme know which part numbers you need and I'm happy to send you a link to buy them or part numbers etc. Thanks!


BrandonGE Ref

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Our model is an undercounter ice maker. The model number on the tag is: ZDIS15CSSA. The model number on the manual is ZDIS15. It is stainless.


To add to the description... the door is set on a metal hinge pin. The hinge pin inserts through 1) the hinge sleeve door stop, which is itself inserted into the door through 2) the plastic cap at the bottom. Both 1 and 2 are broken.


At sears, I see parts for that exact model, but it doesn't show the hinge sleeve stop (I found for other similar models).

Well, I apologize then .... I was thinking you said refrigerator. Then yes I have ran into this exact thing before. You have to buy the door to get that part, I had a customer with this EXACT same issue, and due to the ridiculous cost of the door which for their model didn't even come with the stainless (yours appears to) decided to go with the whirlpool equivalent model since they weren't tied to that brand. The whirlpool door is probably 5-700 compared to the 1000-1200 your looking at for this door.


The shipping isn't as bad since it's a smaller icemaker door but ge likes their parts. Even calling them direct as their customer they won't give you much of a break, maybe 5%.


That all being said, it looks to me like you need items number 7 and 16 from what I posted. If you could check and confirm I would be happy to get you part numbers and prices.


Also I checked the equivalent whirlpool model number and you have to buy a black door with a stainless wrap for your model, so by the time you buy both your within a couple hundred of the ge part. Might as well stick with ge on yours. If it were black the part is 540. MUCH cheaper. But you'd have to buy a stainless handle, screws, stainless skin and the black door. Sorry for mentioning it, you wouldn't be able to save much in your situation. Thanks!

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you. I will score this answer as complete either way, but could you comment on purchasing this is a replacement?


If a door costs $1000, this looks like I can get a scratch and dent but new model for $1369.

The best comment i can make is be leery of any icemaker that is used or open box. They are one of the most problematic appliances out there. I know locally, I'm in Nashville, you can get a kitchenaid 15" new in the boxwith a3yr warranty for 1599 installed. I'd take that over an open box Ebay anyday. The kitchenaid and ge ate identical in parts just a different door. Lemme know if toy need anything else. Thanks
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