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Appliance Doc, just double checking before I buy anything else.

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Appliance Doc, just double checking before I buy anything else. As it turns out, this customer only runs the dryer on the Automatic cycle. She doesn't use the timed dry, so when I tested timed dry it worked perfectly, so the timer seems fine. I put the dryer on auto and disconnected the hose. The timer didn't move, so now I'm thinking cycling thermostat. I took it apart and tested all the thermostats and got continuity on all of them. I realize this could be true and a thermostat could still be messed up. My question is, on this model, there are two thermostats, it looks like, by the blower. One is actually on the side of the blower, and one sticks out the front of the dryer where the 90 degree curve to the exhaust pipe is. Which one is the cycling thermostat, and does this still sound like our problem?
Hello, and thank you for using this service. I'll be helping you with your problem today.

So it still sounds like your problem, but as I look at this unit, it appears there are 2 cycling thermostats. Now keep in mind that the timer only advances when the cycling thermostat opens up. it will not advance when it has continuity through it. So this still sounds like the problem *IF THE DRYER IS HEATING AND YOU HAVE GOOD AIR FLOW OUT THE BACK OF THE DRYER*. That is very important. I would probably replace both of those cycling thermostats to be sure the problem gets fixed. Those 2 devices mounted to the blower wheel housing are the cycling thermostats and the part numbers are WE4M156 and WE4M127.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Well, I did pull both of them off since I wasn't sure which was which. So I'll do that. I even cleaned out the exhaust pipe in the dryer itself, but there wasn't all that much in there, although there was the other day when I first went there and cleaned it out. Anyway, I'll change them both. Thanks so much.

no problem and good luck.