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is a ge profile top freezer 24.6 cuft fridge trouble free,all

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is a ge profile top freezer 24.6 cuft fridge trouble free,all i read about it is loud noice it makes,they say ge tech says it nomal,freezer freezing up,circuit board going this fridge worth buying or are these complaints true?is lg or kenmore better?
Hello my name is XXXXX XXXXX you for choosing our service.

GE has a weak circuit board that is true. I own a GE and I cannot say that it is loud. As a matter of fact unless I open the freezer or listen very close I cannot tell it is running. It is a single speed compressor and not a variable speed. Any refrigerator you purchase stay away from variable speed compressors. There are more electronics to break and they will. I am not a big fan of LG. In my opinion if you are going to purchase a top freezer go with Frigidaire if you can with rotary temperature controls. They have the fewest parts and that means less to break so they do in fact break less often.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i need a 24.6 cuft top freezer, frigidaire dont make you know if kenmore is made by whilpool,or has a single speed compressor?

Kenmore is made by many different manufacturers, Sears does not build any appliances. If you wanted a Kenmore that is built by Frigidaire you look at the model number and you want it to start with 253. So an example of a Kenmore refrigerator that is built by Frigidaire is(NNN) NNN-NNNN That is on the model and serial tag inside the fresh food section. That is not a real model number, only an example of what to look for. If Frigidaire does not make one there will not be a Kenmore model built by Frigidaire that size.

Let me see what I can find about Whirlpool sizes Christine. There are thousands upon thousands of models and to just know a model that is single speed and 24.6 cubic foot is not possible without looking. Give me a few minutes.

21 cubic foot is the largest top freezer Whirlpool makes. I saw the 24 cubic foot Kenmore refrigerator, however the full model number is XXXXX listed so I cannot see the diagrams for that model. There are several numbers missing, there should be at least a prefix like the example I gave you above. I can tell you this of the 2 GE and LG that are available 24 cubic foot refrigerators GE is the better. Both have main control boards and digital controls GE fails less often. Both are single speed compressors and that is what you want. Much more dependable by far. Those were the only 2 top freezer refrigerators I saw that size.

Again if you have questions please ask.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

is it easy to remove ice maker and water dispencer because i need all the room i can get?

The ice maker is easy, I will explain it, let me take a look at the dispenser.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

does whilpool have a single compressor?

The ice maker on the GE has 2 screws. They both are 1/4 inch hex head. They are just over the top of the ice maker. Loosen those, lift the ice maker up and off the 2 screws, follow the wire connector to the rear of the freezer and disconnect it. That will get it out. The water dispenser will be very difficult, I do not recommend trying to do that.

Yes the 21 cubic foot that Whirlpool makes is also a single speed compressor. WRT351SFYB is the model number. I recognize the style and it is dependable.

I am sorry I am so slow, I have to find the size and model from the manufacturer and then look at the parts in the diagrams.

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