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Ive got a Bosch SHX33A06UC/14 dishwasher and it is getting

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I've got a Bosch SHX33A06UC/14 dishwasher and it is getting stuck in the wash cycle and will NOT transition to rinse. The water does not get hot. I checked the recall model numbers and mine does not seem to be in the list for the control board issue that is commonly known to cause this issue. Any thoughts on what i should do? I don't want to wast money on shotgunning the problem and replacing the heater assemlby. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Hello, and thank you for using this service. I'll be helping you with your problem today.

So you don't want to replace the heater assembly. I've actually never had to replace a heater assembly unless it was leaking. That being said, you do have a bad control board. This model is well known for the heater relay shorting out and not being able to send power to the heater to heat the water. There isn't a recall on this model because the board relay failing doesn't result in a possible fire hazard like other models. Either way, the part number you need is 489004. Diagnostics will not help with this problem I'm afraid. The part is about $200.

What you can do if you really wanted to is to open the door and remove allt he screws around the border of the inner door liner. Remove the outer door panel and locate the 2 thick wires coming from the center on the bottom of the control board. If you test power between those 2 wires while the dishwasher is stuck and is not advancing, you should get 120 volts. If not, then that proves that your control board is not sending power out and needs to be replaced.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

So, to confirm, if i meter AC voltage across the power leads from the control board, i should NOT get 120 volts IF the board is bad. Otherwise, IF my meter shows 120 volts while the unit is stuck in the wash cycle, the control board is NOT the problem. If that's the case, what would the next step in diagnosing the problem consist of?

You are correct yes.

But if the board isn't bad, the heater assembly would be the part you'd need to replace most likely.

Make sure that you have water spraying up to the top rack because without good pressure in the dishwasher, the heater level switch will not activate and allow the heater to complete the circuit. Other than that, if you have good water pressure up to the top rack, then you'd be replacing the heater.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I think i have most of the information i need... I really appreciate it!


You mentioned about confirming adequate water pressure to the top rack... How do i go about performing this check since the unit obviously shuts off when the door gets opened?

Just put some glasses facing upwards on the top rack and empty the rest of the dishwasher. If the cups start filling while the dishwasher is running then you're pressure is fine.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Once last question - I did read online where you can dismantle the control board in order to examine for the faulty solder joint and re-solder the joint myself to repair the problem.


Is this a potential fix for my situation?

Not on this board, that's not a common fix. You can try it but this is NOT a recommended fix that Bosch advises. They've had houses burn down from this type of repair.

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