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I have a Norcold refrigerator 1201LRIM. I know, but it is

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I have an RV Norcold refrigerator 1201LRIM. I know, but it is what it is. It works fine on AC, but fires up on gas for about 30 seconds then shuts off and gives a code 00 on the refrigerator. What do you think is the problem? I have had the recall done twice I think, so that is done. The inside number is(NNN) NNN-NNNN and the outside thermo-sensor is R-010, and the board is 634677 Rev B 1101-036.  It worked for awhile this week while on a trip, but has not since.  Batteries seem to be fine.  I know there is an update for the 2 electrical boards, but they are rather pricy and I am not sure that is the problem.  It acts like a thermo-couple problem with a hot water heater.  The problem is even when the generator or shore power is on and the refrig is on placed on manual gas.  I have plenty of propane.  Again, it works fine on shore or generator power.     

Hi. I'm Smitty. I am a professional appliance repair consultant here to help you diagnose, and repair, your appliance.

The only error code close to a 00 code is the "no" code. This code matches your problem so Im sure that is the code you are seeing.

When this happens the spark/sense electrode is the problem. How this works is the spark electrode acts much like the thyermocouple of a regular gas unit. The tip is heated by the flame and sends a signal to the control board letting it know that ignition has occured. Like the thermocouple if it fails the system will try to re-ignite the flame and the system again checks for positive ignition. If that signal is not sent it shuts off the gas and tries again. With the Norcold units it only tries twice and then shuts down giving the error code.

To confirm this please see the diagnostic flow chart below.


Please let me know if you need anything else. If not please select a positive rating at this time. It will not close your question and you may ask all the follow up questions you like after you rate my service.

Thank you.

Best, Smitty


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks Smithy.

Is this a maintenance procedure or a part replacement procedure? I have a Winnebago parts book with many items listed in it for that refrigerator. I see two items that may be related: The Thermister with lamp & wire assembly, part No. 120075-01-735; and the Electrode-Spark/Sensor Sgl, part No. 104137-06-715. After reading you comment, should I clean or replace the electrode-spark/sensor? It doesn't fit the Thermister scenerio. It fires up but does not restart. I also viewed a kit-gas valve/selenoid/tube, part No. 125242-01-753, that is available to replace if that could be the problem. It acts soooo much like a gas water heater problem with not relight when needed.

I have been reading up on many different forums about the same problem, and will do some cleaning of the spark area also. Please let me know about my parts listed above if that hopefully will fix the current problem. Thanks.

Greg, this is a part replacwement not maintenance. The correct part is: "Electrode-Spark/Sensor Sgl, part No. 104137-06-715".

You can try cleaning it, but I doubt that will fix it.

The Home Smithy and 2 other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I just cleaned it again and used some air pressure to make sure all is clean. So far, it is working again for now. Seems that there was a small piece of rust in the coil section under the electrode and for some reason that kept the area from reigniting. So all is squeeky clean now, but I will let it run for awhile to make sure that fixed it. If not, I will replace the Electrode-Spark/Sensor as you noted. Many thanks and you hit it right on. Thanks again and have a good day. Greg

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