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I have a GE model PS123 Refrigerator. The icemaker and water

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I have a GE model PS123 Refrigerator. The icemaker and water dispenser intermittently do not work. I read that this can be due to corrosion at the molex connector. I located the connector and sure enough it was corroded. In fact the red wire on the male side and the white wire on the female side broke away from the connector while I was separating the two halves. The blue and black wires on both the male and female sides are still intact.

is the red wire supposed do be connected to the white one and can I just splice them together? I'm not sure I have enough play to splice them and reconnect the blue and black wires using the connector. Should I just remove the connector and splice the blue and black wires?
Hello, and thank you for using this service. I'll be helping you with your problem today.

So yes, I believe the red sire connects to the white wire, but this is really a touchy repair because the wires move a lot when opening and closing the door. But the wire connection coming from the cabinet can not be replaced, and the only way to replace the connection on the door is to replace the door itself.

That being said, the best way I've found to repair these sires are to cut the damaged wires, slide some heat shrink down one of the wires you cut, and then put a little 1-2" long jumper wire. Use a soldering gun to splice the cabinet wire to one end of the jumper wire, and the door wire to the other end of the jumper wire. Then slide the heat shrink up, heat the shrink up with a heat gun or lighter, then when you're all done, wrap all the wires together in electrical tape.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

You said you "believe" the red connects to the white. I want to be certain as I do not want to damage any electrical circuits by making an incorrect connection. How confident are you in your belief?

Do you suggest that I clean the connector and put it back together for the blue and black wires or should I connect these with a jumper wire also?

If those are the only 2 wires on both sides, then they will go together. But the wiring diagram doesn't show that the wire changes colors at the connection. That fairly common as the wiring through the cabinet isn't replaceable so they don't always care what color wire they use If you can clean the connection with a wire brush or something and put it back together with a bit of contact grease, then I suggest doing that rather than jumpering the wire.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Just finished the repair, using a connector to splice the red and white. I used a butt connector instead of solder to connect the connector to the white wire coming from the door (and wrapped it with electrical tape). There was no play in the two red wires that were connected to the remnants of the pin that broke off so I wrapped my connector wire around the pin and secured them with a small wire nut. Then I reassembled the molex with the blue and black wires (which unlike the white and red did not look corroded).


The ice maker and water controls are working fine. Since the problem was intermittent, it will take several days to determine whether the new connection is more stable.


Thanks for the advice. No need to respond. Just thought the feedback would be helpful.

I wouldn't recommend using a butt connector. I've seen the wires pull out from the behinding of the wire back and forth, but that's completely upto you.