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Hello, My Jen Air gas grill ignition will not stop trying

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My Jen Air gas grill ignition will not stop trying to light. I have adjusted te knobs but the issue has not stopped. Is there another way to fix this issue?
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If the unit keeps sparking, you can clean the spark electrode off and make sure the flame is hitting the electrode after it lights up. If it is not you may need to clean the small orifice holes out on the manifold where the electrode is located. If all is good then you need a new spark module itself as the feedback part of the module is not working. ALl of these issues will cause that, but try the first things I suggested before replacing the module. Typically if it does it on all of the units and does not stop sparking no matter what one you light the module is the issue.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I am not trying to light the grill but want the igniter to stop trying to light. I had a small fire that may have caused this issue.

You may have damaged the wiring where the spark switches are behind the knobs. If that happened it may have fused the switches...You would have to kill the power and disconnect the wiring to the spark switches behind the knobs so it would not spark anymore. There are 2 wires that go to each spark switch behind the knobs. You may have damaged one of those.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks. I am sure that this is what happened. Do you know how I turn the power off and is this issue fixable or should I think a out purchasing a new grill?
Depending on how bad it burned you may need a new one. Turn the breaker off to the unit or find the plug and unplug it
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