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One of the surface burners on my glass top range has stopped

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One of the surface burners on my glass top range has stopped working. The other 3 work just fine. It is a JBP64B0H3WH––GE 30" Free-Standing Electric Range. Is there any way I can check and fix this? It is no longer made and not under any warranty. (it is the right front large burner found under the glass so no element is showing).

Hello, Thank you for using this service, I will be helping you with your problem today

Good evening, do you have a volt meter ? you need to check the burner itself first. Radiant Surface Element WB30T10045      Main Product View

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I do have a volt meter but am not sure what setting to use and how to get to the burner itself... I was reluctant to try to take apart the stove until I asked on here.

Okay sorry, I had power outages last night and couldn't get back to you, I do have a video that shows you how to set the meter and test the burner, heres the link. unplug the range and open the door, there will be screws underneath along the front you take out so you can lift the top. look where I have put the arrows for the screws, graphic
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I understand, I've had some severe computer issues lately and am only just able to get back here.

I did all of the testing and the continuity on the burner is fine. All of the other burners work with no problem. What would you suggest testing next? I'm wondering if it's the switch? I just am not sure what is more likely to have gone out if it isn't the burner.... Your help is appreciated greatly.

okay thats fine, Well the onely thing left is the infinate swicth (burner switch) If the burner checks out replace the switch.heres a link to order it and theses a video there that shows you how to replace it. that will fix your issue, thanks and best wishes, Bryan

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