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Randy 43
Randy 43, Home Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
Satisfied Customers: 3769
Experience:  20 yrs experience 18 in home,gas license , refrigeration expert
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Hello I have a Maytag Performa Washer that stopped working.

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Hello I have a Maytag Performa Washer that stopped working. A week ago when it was on the spin cycle it began making a very loud grinding and squeaking noise and at the same time I could smell something burning. Now it does not spin at all. Any recommendations?

Randy 43 :

hello ,so the water isnt draining either ? are you able to tilt the machine back and leave it propped backwards?then spin the belt off

Randy 43 :

the pump bearing can disintegrate ,so turn the pump and motor pulleys ,make sure they are turning both ways with no resistance

Randy 43 :

then try the transmission center pulley ,,it should turn easy one way (agitation) the other way it locks the brake and then turns(spin)..if it doesnt turn ? ,first look for any obstruction in the holes of the inner basket that may be binding the tub,ie nail,screw , hair pin etc if all clear you may have a seized up transmission gear

Randy 43 :

after the belt is off you can test each component , motor, pump ,transmission ,let me know thx randy

Customer: Correct the water isn't draining either
Randy 43 :

i would check that drain pump if it isnt draing ? is it atleast trying to spin?making noise? may need to get some of the water out to be able to tilt it backwards , things getting stuck in the drain pump is pretty commom on those

Customer: I drained the water completely out into a pan. When it is on spin cycle it does not spin at all but you can hear the motor
Randy 43 :

so the motor works , can you check those pulleys on the bottom? to make sure both the pump and transmission both turn?

Customer: Ok I'll work on that
Randy 43 :

ok , im here all nite ,take your time

Customer: Actually I do not know if it is the motor or if it is just the timer making noise? Whenever I rotate the timer button to spin then pull it out it makes that noise, but I also I notice I can still smell that burning smell when I do that eventhough the machine is not spinning
Randy 43 :

if something is binding down below ,pump or transmission , then the belt just rubs and doesnt spin causing that burning smell..if it makes a very loud sound ? i really suspect something in your drain pump

Customer: It was making a very loud noise and burning smell last week before it broke. Unusually load noise, now it doesn't spin, just a motor/timing noise when you turn spin on and a burning smell too.
Randy 43 :

it must be completely seized then , that belt drives all 3 pulleys if one them is unable to turn then it may eventually stop all movement

Customer: I was able to rotate both the big green pulley and small green plastic pulleys rather easily, but there is a small gray/silver metal type pulley in the rear that is hard to rotate and makes a grinding noise when you rotate it. Any suggestions?
Randy 43 :

that is the drain pump , something in there or bearing seized ,as i suspected will need to check that for blockage and possible replacement

Randy 43 :

Drain Pump 35-6780 Main Product View
Full Size Image

Customer: How do I do that?
Randy 43 :

you pop the main top ..clip on either side 1-1"1/2 between the front and main top with a putty knife then there is a scew holding 2 the front panel then the pump is held on with 3 bolts and you remove the clamp and hose

Randy 43 :

..or you can get at it also after removing the access panel at the rear of the washer , same process

Customer: Ok let me try
Customer: Ok. I got the drain pump out. It's grinded up so I guess that's the problem. Where can I get this replacement part? Thank you for your help!
Randy 43 :

any parts dept can get it for you or you can get in online at most places or at

Randy 43 :


Drain Pump

Item #(NNN) NNN-NNNN/p>

Washing Machine Drain pump assembly. *Redesigned - no mounting plate - pump mounts directly to base of the washer.

Manufacturer Number 35-6780


Randy 43 :

about $75

Customer: Thank you for all your help. I actually found that same one and just bought it.
Randy 43 :

ok great ,glad i could help out

Randy 43 :

I hope everything has worked out ? im just going over my open questions , let me know if i can be of more assistance ? thx randy

Randy 43 :

sorry to bother you , i have open questions i need to follow up on , did the pump repair the issue ? do you req any more advice ? if you havent given any ratings this question stays in my open category ..if the rating you are considering is poor , please contact me again before doing so ,so i can see if there is anything more i can do ? thx Randy

Randy 43 :

thank you , have a great weekend

Randy 43 and other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you