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I have a Panasonic INVERTER over the range microwave oven purchased

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I have a Panasonic INVERTER over the range microwave oven purchased October 2008.Model #NN-SD277.
The oven door release will not release. I heated a meal & I cannot open the door using the push button control.

Jon : Hello
Jon : my name is XXXXX XXXXX I can help you today.
Jon : if the door latch/ catch and release will not open the door when pushed in then the plastic lever behind the control may be broken. We will need to get behind there to take a look at what has happend.
Jon : most common cause for this error or failure is the door catch lever breaking. When you push in on the door release behind the release there is a plastic catch that needs to release the hook to the door. But if the part is broken or has fallen out of place the door will stay closed when pushing the door release.
Jon : to get access to the door parts we first need to remove the top front grill. There should be a few screws above the grill. Remove them and pull the grill off. Then with the grill off you will see one screw holding the control board in. Remove that screw and pull the control board out of the way.
Jon : with the control board out of the way you will be able to get a better look at the door catch and release. First look to see if it is broken or out of place. You should see where the left side of the release has to hook into the other plastic parts of the door lock.
Jon : if that has come loose try to fit it back in place making sure that the door release when pushed will put tension on the door catch and release the door.
Jon : if your door catch or release has broken please let me know and I will get you pa numbers for the pas so you can order them and install them yourself and fix this machine cheaply.
Jon : Here is a link to an exploded view diagram of the control board and door catch and release for your microwave. Just copy and paste the link below to your browser to open the diagram.
Jon :
Jon : The parts you need to look at are e46, e47, and e48. The e46 is door release push button onthe outside you push to release the door. The e48 part is the spring that fits onto e46 and gives it reverse tension when pushed. That has to be installed on the push button and the base of the control board. Ad finally e47 is the lever that will move and release the door hook of the door when pushing on the outer door release push button.
Jon : if any of those parts look to be broken or have come loose that is the reason for the door not opening.
Jon : Now to open the door quickly take a butter knife or putty knife and wedge it in between the door and frame of the cabinet and force the door open. Now please note that I don't recommend don't this as you could damage the machine and hurt yourself in the process. So only do this as your last resort and really need to get the food out from inside the microwave. Please also note that any work to be done on this machine should be done carefully and with the machine unplugged and powered off.
Jon : please check that and get back to me here if you need any other help.
Jon : thanks.
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Hello Raymond.

First thank you for the positive rating. It is greatly appreciated.

Secondly, I know a few places that will have the parts you need and one place even has a warehouse near to Calgary. I know for a fact that they will ship it out to you.

Just call this number and tell them the part number you need and they will tell you how quickly they can get it to you. 1-877-821-4170.

Now we just need to know what part is broken. Below is a link to a sears website that will list the exploded view parts diagram of the control and door parts associated with opening the door. Just copy and paste the link to your web browser to open and view the website. Then just click on the picture of the parts to make it bigger.

I am assuming the plastic piece that is broken on your machine is either the lever button or panel. They are diagram part numbers e46, e47, and e50. If that is not correct and there is other broken parts on your machine just try to find them on the exploded view diagram and get back to me here and I will let you know the part numbers.

As you can see from the website, after you find the diagram part number form the picture find it on the list of parts on the page. There they will give you the part number. That will be the important part number to keep and right down and give to the parts rep when you call to order the part you need.

For example, the door button that you would push in to activate the lever to open the door, the door button on the face of the control panel on bottom, diagram part number e46, is part number F80726Z30BAP and should cost about $6.

Try to track down the broken part and find the part number. If you have any troubles get back to me here and I will help you more for no additional charge. And if you have trouble ordering the parts get back to me here and I will see what I can do for you and how I can get it ordered and shipped out to you in Calgary.

Thanks again for the positive rating. Talk to you soon.