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I have a Maytag Neptune model MLE2000AYW stack washer/dryer.

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I have a Maytag Neptune model MLE2000AYW stack washer/dryer. On the final rinse/spin cycle, it does not spin fast enough to get all the water out of the articles. Items have to be rung out by hand. I've had this problem twice before and the electronic board control (22004325) was replaced and it worked fine. A different technician has changed the springs and the leveling legs and it still won't spin dry. He said I need a new tub wrap or something like that. I have a service contract until November 2014; but I was called by a representative and said they would not fix my washer as it is too expensive and would give me $350 toward a new one. My question is: Would an electronic board control fix my problem? The technician told me that it wouldn't. I love my Neptune and hate to get rid of it. Please advise what to do. Thank you.
Hello, and thank you for using this service. I'll be helping you with your problem today.

So it depends on exactly what is happening with your washer as to whether or not the control board would fix your problem. The first thing you need to know is, does the door lock illuminate when it should spin? Also, if you pull the entire unit and remove the back panel can you watch the pulley on the back of the tub and does the tub just go back and forth when it should spin? Or does it sit there and do nothing? Or will it turn one directly constantly through the entire spin cycle but just not go very fast?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The door lock lights up when it locks.The tub spins; but it doesn't get to the high speed at the end of the wash to get the articles spin dried. The articles are dripping wet and have to be wrung out by hand.

OK so if the washer spins but doesn't spin up to speed and it's not just going back and forth, this is either a bad bearing or a bad motor control unit. If you open the door and spin the basket and it doesn't spin smooth, it won't be worth fixing because the cost is about $900 to replace all the parts associated with a bad bearing.

If the tub spin smoothly, then you'll want to order and replace the motor control kit which comes with a control board and a new motor, both are mounted under the washer and the part number is XXXXX The kit costs about $250 just for the part, and if you had someone install it, it would be another $200 with trip and labor.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

My washer/dryer is a stack unit for apartments, etc. The control board is located on the top of the dryer. I'm not sure you are talking about the same unit that I am requiring about.

I know exactly what dryer/washer we are talking about. And that control board you're talking about will NOT fix the problem. The one I'm talking about will.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have had the control board (22004325} replaced by Maytag twice. Once in 2007 and once in 2008 and both were installed on top of the dryer. The wash tub does spin freely.

Great, but I'll bet that it was not for these symptoms because replacing that board will not fix this problem. Just because te washer wasn't spinning doesn't mean the same thing happens every time to cause that condition. When that board goes bad, the lock light doesn't work---you said the lock light works now so that is not your problem.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The tub does move freely both ways. So if I get the motor control kit which comes with a control board and motor (12002039) and have it installed, that should take care of my problem of the tub not spinning fast enough in the final cycle to spin dry the contents of the washer?

yes, assuming everything you've told me is correct and the basket is just moving in one direction too slowly when it should be spinning fast.

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