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I was having the same symptoms as this except with a newer/older

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I was having the same symptoms as this except with a newer/older model mhwz400TQ01. I did the 5sec & minute checks with no result. I just replaced the control board for my model pn W10117418 to no avail. I checked continuity of the main power cable and it was fine and both outlets i've tried put out 120V. I still have no lights/sounds. Is there any other checks I can do prior to buying any other parts? and/or do i just move on to the next part? Also, how likely is it that the new part I received is faulty as well? or is there another more likely cause to check before going down this path?
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Check the power at the main board. Normally when you have a dead display board on that unit the main board is bad not the interface board. They had problems with the main board on that model and it has been upgraded. Very common issue and it is often misdiagnosed based on the symptoms.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for the response and background info. When it didn't work just looking at the wiring it would've been my next guess. Wish I knew it was the more common problem for this model before i dropped the 200+ on the interface board. 50/50 chance i guess, between appliance doc's response(on different model) and repair clinics description of part as "If the washer won't start the main control board might be defective. This is not common. Check other parts and causes first." I went with the interface board.

What point should i check for power at the main board? I didn't go further than the plug b/c my fluke leads were too big to reach the contacts inside connector. Or do i have no reason to believe that this part wont be the fix(can't imagine too many other problems for my given symptom)?


Semi-related; got any suggestions on a good place to post/sell a once plugged in, never actually seen voltage , interface board? Since i cant return it anymore

If you bought the part from repairclinic or appliancepartspros you can return it after it has been installed. Otherwise post it on EBay. You should see the wires coming right from the filter board to the main control. If you have 120 there replace the board. I have run into that problem a number of times on that model.