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I have a Frigidare upright freezer in my garage which shut

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I have a Frigidare upright freezer in my garage which shut down - breaker blew. I defrosted it and plugged it back in and when I went to check on it an hour later, found the OUTSIDE sides of the freezer were burning hot. What might be wrong with it? It is only 2 or 3 years old.
Hello my name is XXXXX XXXXX you for choosing our service.

Look in the freezer near the top for model/serial sticker and post the model number. I need the model to be able to see the diagrams.

When you felt the heat was the inside of the freezer cold?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Model FFU14M5HWF Serial. WB11245911Also, the freezer was getting cold inside when plugged back in, but the outside sides got burning hot as well.Ruth

Thank you Ruth. Your model freezer has no fans for cooling. A lot of models have an outside fan for cooling the outside coils that collect the heat from inside the freezer so it gets cold. In order for the inside to be cold the compressor pushes coolant into the freezer and that coolant brings the heat to the outside of the freezer and that is what makes the inside cold. In other words heat removal is how it works.


In your model freezer it has no fans for cooling, so in order to bring the heat to the outside Frigidaire put the outside coils just under the metal skin on the left outside wall and across the top. Lets say your freezer is 50 degrees inside, that left outside wall will be much warmer than it would be if it would be zero degrees inside because less heat is being pulled out by the coolant. That is normal. Warm is normal it should not be burning hot after it has reached zero degrees inside.


Now if it continues to feel burning hot after the inside has cooled for a few hours to a good temperature then you have a compressor that is about to fail. As a compressor starts to go bad it can build heat and that heat will also be transferred to the left outside wall and the top. So keep an eye on it for a day or so, if it continues do not stock the freezer.


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Barry G. and other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
The answer makes great sense. Thanks so much. In this day and age, when it's so hard to get service, this is a great way to do so.

You are very welcome Ruth, if it comes up later that you have anything else you need to ask about this freezer please feel free. My hours are 8 to 8.

Thank you for the opportunity,
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I think I am going to purchase a new freezer. This cold inside/hot outside thing makes me nervous. I am often away and won't feel comfortable with that. Any suggestions on a good brand to purchase? Again, it's a stand up freezer for use in attached garage over winter and summer conditions.

How cold does your garage get in the winter Ruth? Below 40?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I'm in New Jersey, so it could happen that it gets below 40 in the garage at times. But the wall that the freezer stands on is connected to the house, so it's the warmer part of the garage.
Well if that freezer is working than any of them should and I mention that because 10 or 12 years ago all refrigerators and freezers were changed to a new coolant and it does not work well at all below 40. Actually they stop working and start to thaw either until the temperature goes above 40 or below 32 which of course everything starts freezing. I would say a lot of the reason yours worked is because there was probably frost buildup on the coils and that kept it cooler a lot longer than a frost free model. The one you have is a good freezer, good for energy and most all freezers except off brands or Whirlpool are made by Frigidaire. I would get the same exact thing you have, it is a good freezer, I have not had to repair many of them. There are few parts to fail.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
You're right. There often was light frost on the metal rungs of the shelves - upper ones mostly. I always wondered about that.

Thanks for your help. I'll look to that brand again.

You are welcome Ruth, the coolant goes to the top shelf first and flows down and then out, that is why the top was always thicker, that is the coldest area. I believe I would stick with the same thing.

You are very welcome, thank you for the opportunity.