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Hi, I need to replace 2 of the burners in my JennAir BBQ model

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Hi, I need to replace 2 of the burners in my JennAir BBQ model(NNN) NNN-NNNN i cant figure out how to take out the old burners....the directions say "find the nut at the rear of the burner at the bottom" might be there, but do i need to take apart the whole grill?
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You need to open the grill top cover remove all the burner grates and shields to get at the burner manifolds. The job is done from the top down. There is a nut towards the back and they slip onto the valve orifices in the front. It is not too big of a job and there is a good chance the nut is corroded very badly.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I don't see or feel the nut that you say I can reach for from the top down. I did remove the grates and the shields to see the burners. The part of the burner that sits at the back of the grill doesn't seem to connect to anything, but it seems to be firmly sitting on top of somethign, The part of the burner that is at the front of the grill is fitted into a hole that connects to (I think) a nut, but I can't get close enough to it. This connection is hidden behind the knobs.
Here look at this pic of the burner. It is slipped onto the orfice behind the knob. There is a bolt with nut that holds it on the bracket as seen in the photo of the burner....where the hole is.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Is the hole you are referring to the round or oval hole near the "4&3/8" label shown in the picture? And the orifice you are referring to is the end near the "15" label in the picture (the bottom of the picture)?

Yes exactly....if you need anything else let me know. All I ask is please rate my assistance 3 or higher when you can thanks!