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I have a Maytag Bottom Freezer/Refrigerator with ice maker. There

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I have a Maytag Bottom Freezer/Refrigerator with ice maker.
There has been a high garlic smell almost since we bought it about 9 years ago. I say garlic smell others say some other food smell. The ice cubes taste terrible with the food smells. I had a reverse osmosis system added to our tap that also runs the water to the ice maker. This hasn't cleared up the smell. I have bought a new ice basket and after 2 days the smell was permeated in the new basket. Is there some filter on the freezer that should be changed or is it some other issue.
As I mentioned the smell has been there almost since we bought it.
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There may be something in the styrofoam liner itself. You should defrost the unit and clean everything out with bleach water very good. Then dry everything out and start the unit. Get these filters to absorb any residual smells. That is the only thing you can do and it will work. You need activated charcoal that these filters have. Just copy and paste the link into your address bar.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

What filters are you talking about, i.e activated charcoal in filters. Where are these filters?

You need to buy them and put them in the unit.

Copy and paste this whole link into your address bar and it will take you to them to buy.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Are you talking about the purple charcoal filters, because I did try them with no luck. This is after defrosting the unit and washing it out. I also changed the filters in my water system, still no luck.

Anything else you can recommend

Do you think it is from the water? or the actual unit?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

For sure it is the unit, as the water has no smells or foul taste. The water system was recently checked out and new filters were installed. This water filter system cost me over $4,000. installed and I have it checked yearly.

The only thing that would cause a rotten smell like that is something rotting or massive bacteria in the liner. You may want to remove everything even the panels that cover the evaporator to clean it. What may have happened is someone had food in it and left it unplugged. Then the bacteria and liquid soaks into the liner or gets in the cracks. That can cause a horrible odor. It can be difficult and sometimes impossible to get out depending on how bad it is.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Is removing the panels something I can do? Where is the evaporator?

It was never unplugged or power was not lost for any given time to allow anything to defrost into liquid form.

I guess I will try defrosting, cleaning,charcoal filters and buying a new ice cube tray again and see if this helps.

Let me know about the panels though.


The evaporator is behind the freezer panel(inside the freezer). There are a couple screws to get it off and remove it to get at the evaporator.
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