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E402BRW Active Smart Refrigerator (purhased new approx 2000

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E402BRW Active Smart Refrigerator (purhased new approx 2000 a.d.)
No special problem until excessive popping or growling noises about 2010 a.d., inspected by technician who reported excess frosting but otherwise okay, basically cleaned it out and nothing else). No special problem until about one week ago when it began to run ever more often and noisily (whirring, popping, etc., that stopped when the doors were open and started again when shut). Upper (fridge) temperature indicator light began to operate continuously and has not stopped. Changes to temperature settings seem to have no effect, esp on food defrosting in freezer esp in lower tray (now set to standard top and bottom). Ice built up on back ceiling of freezer compartment, then on front ceiling, then ice melted and sticky watery liquid began to appear there. Fridge is quieter now but am concerned that food esp in freezer is contaminated (meat in particular remains unrefrosted) and in any case will have to be thrown out.
Any ideas (defrost subsystem, fan, compressor, seals (already clean before current problems arose, still clean)?
What is the sticky stuff in the liquid in the freezer compartment? Is it dangerous?
Thank you from Roger
HI. My name is XXXXX XXXXX i will be helping you today.

If I was there I would start checking the defrost components IE, defrost thermostat,defrost heater and evaporator defrost water drain. If you said that you cleaned the frost from the evap coil then take a look at the frost pattern on the evap coil if the frost pattern is evenly distributed threw out the coil and you do not have excess frost build up on the evaporator coil then the evap fan is suspect, I have seen many problems with the evaporator fans on this model and the fix is a complete air chamber and evap fan motor, it comes in a kit and you will have to call F&P for the correct part number. If you have an electrical test meter then we can start diagnosing the issue.
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