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Hi! I have an ADG 8970/1. When i start it (regardless of program)

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Hi! I have an ADG 8970/1. When i start it (regardless of program) it pumps out, then let water inn... and thats it. Is there any way to reset this appliance, or to find any error code?
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Does it pump out right away?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes, it pumps as soon as i close the door. After that it fills up water, and then nothing. The timer counts down


Ok likely the main circulating pump is burned out. They had a lot of problems with it as it is a very cheap design. Here is a video that shows the main circulating pump that is very likely shot and needs to be replaced. Very common issue. Basically after it fills power is sent to the main pump for washing, but it is bad so it does nothing. The drain pump is a separate pump that is why it will drain during the beginning of the cycle as designed.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok, so better to buy a new dishwasher rather than fixing this?

If you can get at it, you may even hear a slight humming noise coming from it after the unit fills and does nothing. You can put your hand on it to see if it is vibrating or humming. Then you will know it is bad just in case you do not have a volt meter handy to check it for power.

No the main circualting pump is an easy change out and a lot cheaper than a new machine. I would fix it if the rest of it is in good shape

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