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Type your question here i have an oreck xl pilot vacuum. The

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i have an oreck xl pilot vacuum. The belt seems to wear out unusually fast compared to others I have owned. There is a groove on the end of the metal belt shaft which makes me think there may be a retainer clip of some kind to keep the belt in place. There is black dust on the cover at the spot where the end of the shaft sits. Is it possible there should be a retainer there?
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There is no retainer there. Orecks are known to burn through belts. Check this diagram out and see if you see something missing. This is the same style as you have different model.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks. Too bad it's not the same model as mine. The Oreck site was no help. Apparently they don't like to accommodate DIY people. I guess my only option now is to take off the roller brush and make sure there is nothing wrapped around the end

Yes that would be a great idea to take off the roller end. Also if you ever want to buy the best vacuum, get a wont regret it.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I did remove the brush roller and found that there was nothing wound around it. The design is greatly improved and there is no way anything could get in there without being able to see it just by simply turning the head upside down.

My machine is working fine now with a bit of cleaning out under the cover, but I'm sure the new belt made the biggest difference!

Never heard of SEBO. Where to buy? I'll look up on a search. Thanks for your help.

There are local dealers depending on where you live....but that is the best vacuum built....I own it you would not be disappointed and a breeze to take apart....owned mine for 5yrs no belt change still like new