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I have a whirlpool microwave GH5184XPB that trips the circuit

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I have a whirlpool microwave GH5184XPB that trips the circuit breaker (at the house panel, not the internal fuse) when I start the microwave element. The lights and fans work fine. The clock can still be set so I don't suspect a computer problem. Any idea what might trip the circuit.
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There is a good chance the inverter board is bad. You need to check it out. It was common for one of the soldered solid wires on the board to touch ground and pop the fuse or the mag tube is bad and has ruined the board. That is normally the cause of the problem when it is blowing the fuse.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I'll need to look at this tomorrow. It is too late tonight to continue. I'll look at the board and let you know what I see.

ok Take it out and check the bottom left edge of the board.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The board is OK. After getting it apart, and all looked OK, it occured to me that the problem could be caused by a heavy load on that breaker and running the microwave just adds enough current to trip it. I checked this hooking the electronics back up and running an extension cord to the microwave and put it on a different circuit. It ran the microwave without blowing that fuse.

Unfortunately, after I put it all back together, it no longer works at all. No clock, no lights, nothing. I double checked and all the connections are back where they are supposed to be. What do you think can be causing this?

If one of the internal thermal fuses has tripped or opened that could cause that problem as it would be just dead

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The main fuse was removed to pull apart the interior to get to the inverter. For some reason when I re-inserted the fuse, it was not making contact to the fuse holder. I thought it was a blown fuse, but tested it and it was OK. When I reinserted it, I had power. In the meantime, I busted the relay that powers the inverter by pulling on the cable that attaches to the transformer board. I've go to order a replacement relay and solder that onto the card.


I still don't know what is on the house circuit that is tripping the breaker.


I'm not sure how to rate this service. I've not used it before, and am a skeptic concerning internet diagnostics of this type. The tripped breaker was the evidence I presented, but rather than have me check the house circuit load first, which seams like the obvious first step now, you had me pull apart the microwave to check the inverter. The microwave turns out to be fine, so that effort was a waste of time, plus the assembly and disassembly caused me to damage the relay, so now I have to pull the power supply card out and desolder and replace the relay. Your guidance on the thermal fuses was also misguided and would not have resolved the power loss issue I fixed last night.


Still, I suspect the only true mistake you made was not having me check the circuit load before tearing into the microwave. How should I rate this?

Is the microwave on a ciruit with multiple things and not by itself?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I don't know what is on it yet. I know the stovetop and exhaust fan both stopped working when the breaker tripped, but there could be more things. I've been using the same stove/exhaust with the microwave for several years without an issue, so something must have changed recently.

I guess I was assuming it was wired on its own outlet as it really should be. Now you may just have a breaker going bad. If more than one thing is on the breaker and both are running it can draw close to the tripping amperage of the breaker. Over time this will weaken some breakers and cause them to prematurely start tripping. That microwave should be on its own breaker as startup can draw close to 10-12amps.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I'm waiting on a relay that needs to be replaced before I can get the microwave back together again. After that I'll check the breaker as you suggest.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It is back together with the new relay and when I plugged it in the clock came back on, lights worked, etc. I pressed the start button and now the fuse is blowing (not the breaker). I replaced the fuse and that fuse blew immediately as soon as I plugged the microwave into 120v. Ideas?

If the fuse is blowing as soon as you plug in the microwave either there is a door switch issue or a wire shorted directly to ground. Typically this would be a door switch issue. I would unplug the wires to the door switches and try it.
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