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Hi I have a GE Portable 8,000 btu upright Secondary unit. I

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Hi I have a GE Portable 8,000 btu upright Secondary unit. I went to turn it on today but the fan is the only thing that I get, on low, med., and hi. It is not expelling the air on the window, it just blows it around the room. And the setting on the AC setting says E4. And then it doesn't turn on. What is wrong with it and what can I do?
Hello, thanks for letting us answer your questions. We appreciate your business!
I am really sorry to hear about the problem you are having with your air conditioner.
The E4 error code is indicating there is a problem with the water tank or drain. It is telling you that the tank is not draining.
I would first look at the drain hose and see if is not clogged with mold. If the drain line is clogged, be sure to move the unit where it can drain, as water will come draining out when you remove the hose. If that happens, then the drain line is clogged for sure, and you will have to clear the clog. If you get no water out of the drain pipe, then the next thing to check is the float switch on the holding tank. This will be more involved as you will have to take the unit apart to access the tank.
The other problem you have is that even though your unit is a GE, they are imported for sale here is the states, and there is only a very few functional parts that you can order and most will have to be ordered.
Hopefully it is just the drain hose.
Advise me of what you find.
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