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Appl-Tech, Service Technician
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Hello I have just moved house and the cook top here is so confusing

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Hello I have just moved house and the cook top here is so confusing .oven model pon781-multifunction ,I can not even turn the darn thing on ,I think Ive sorted the oven ,but the top elements will not go on .I have turned off the key lock ,then Im stuffed ,what do I touch ,nothing happens and the manual is bloody useless ,nothing about the cook top at all ,if you could please help me ,just turn on the top I would be grateful Thank you Tonia XXXXX

Hello and thanks for using JA!
I need to ask. Do you have two separate appliances, an oven and cooktop?
I ask because the PON781 is a model number for just the oven.
The PPN776 is the only model I have that has a oven and a cooktop.
Can you double check and advise?
Thanks for your cooperation.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your help ,I decided to really look at the problem myself and after many swear words and telling the darn thing ,that its crap ,I managed to work it out for myself ,I believe I now have it sussed

Kind regards Tonia

I am very glad you got it figured out!
If you have any problems in the future, feel free to come back and ask for help.
Have a great day!
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