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Want to buy a vacuum cleaner. Bought a Shark in December of

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Want to buy a vacuum cleaner. Bought a Shark in December of 2010. It seems to be falling apart. But love the concept. Any suggestions for a replacement?
Hello and thanks for using this service!
What model Shark did you have?
Are you looking for a regular upright or a feather weight unit?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The Shark that I have is NV350 series. I think that means Navigator. I like the feather weight if it will last longer than 2 years. And yes, bagless, if possible.


Thanks for replying.


The Shark is a pretty cheap vac, as you have found out by the fact it did not last very long.
My experience with Pansonic Vacs has been very good. I have 3 of them and they are all still working well, the oldest is 14yrs now.
I just move the older one to the basement and my shop when I get a new one. I have the upright bag units with the external attachment setup. I find that the Panasonic unit are well built and hold up well. I have two dogs. I am sure the bagless unit would give you good service as well.
I have purchased in the past, the Hoovers and even a Kirby($$$ and way to heavy) but I have learned in vacs you generally get what you pay for.
I would expect that you will need to pony up at least $200 to get a quality machine.
I would stop by a local vac repair shop and check them out. You can save alot of money buying a reconditioned unit and get more machine for the dollar.

I did a little shopping for you and found this website that sell Panasonics for very reasonable prices and have free shipping. If you dont have a local shop this may be the way to go.

I have this model


I hope this helps you make a decision.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

This has been very helpful. Thanks. I wonder if you know of a vacuum of the quality of Panasonic with a detachable attachment for stairs? It's difficult to lug the entire unit up the stairs while cleaning.

If you are looking for something just to do stairs, then I would go with a Dyson handheld or the Oreck BB900DGR

The Dyson is very light weight and has really good suction for a battery operated vacuum.

I have the Dyson Animal, because I wanted something quick for little jobs, like my chair(dog hair) and steps. But you could go with the Dyson DC34 for stairs and small jobs.
The only thing it is only good for about 15min of vacuuming, but that's plenty for small jobs.
Works good for the car too.
I don't own the Oreck but have used one on a couple of occasions and it worked quite well also, and is not battery operated.

If you do not have any other questions, may I ask that you rate my help tonight as positve for JA?
Bonuses are welcome but not required if you feel I have done a good job at helping you out with your question.
Have a great evening

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