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Barry G.
Barry G., Home Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
Satisfied Customers: 6823
Experience:  27 years in home appliance repair. EPA refrigerant transition and recovery certification type I & II.
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I have the #PSI23NGPB yesterday I tried to get some water out

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I have the #PSI23NGPB yesterday I tried to get some water out of the door panel and it just started a clicking noise. I then tried to get ice and it did the same thing. Then I opened the refrigerator door and the top control panel only blinks "HRS" and it does not appear to be cooling....HELP!!!!
And thank you :)

Hello my name is XXXXX XXXXX you for choosing our service.

Thats definitely the main control board, HRS means it has a communication problem and has failed. You will need to replace it or get it replaced. One place with a year warranty that has it online is just below.
To replace that unplug the refrigerator and remove the 8 x 10 panel on the back. Remove the connectors and replace the board. Put the connectors back they will only fit where they belong. Follow the instruction sheet that comes with the part to step 2 only, all of the other steps are for other models. Plug the refrigerator in and turn it on. If it does not turn on right away, wait 40 minutes, it will be in the defrost cycle and will start.

That will take care of the problem,
If you have questions about my answer please click the "Reply To Link" . I will be happy to explain anything that is not clear.

Also if you decide to give me a rating and have a problem doing that please let me know.



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

OK, that sounds great, I am pretty handy with stuff like this, do you think I should do this myself or have a service some repair?


I really appreciate your diagrams, they were very helpful.


My only questions is what if this is not all of the problem? Could we be missing something else?


Thank you

Hi Dale, its nice to meet you. That will take care of the whole thing, if the refrigerator was cooling and working normally before that will be all you need to do.

You may have followup questions later which are fine and I will always followup with you. The install of the board is pretty simple, just be aware that in step 2 on the instruction sheet you will receive tells you to cut a wire. Don't do that unless you are sure, get back to me first.

I think you can do it, really its not that complicated.

Barry G. and other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Barry,

This is so exciting to be able to do this on a Sunday morning. We just cleaned refrig and pulled away from the is a custom built in. We are now about to order part. Hopefully I can do this today I am trying to upgrade shipping to next day but not getting any response from site so I might have to wait until Monday morning to order.....thank you for letting me know I can contact you if I have any further questions.


Oh can I rate the service now or do I wait until this case is complete ?


Thank you again.


You can rate at anytime. Your rating is important and so I want to do the best I can to earn a high rating.

No sir you may followup for 30 days and I will do that, my hours are 8 to 8 eastern time.

I really believe you can do the work, its not too complicated at all, just stay in touch.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.


I am so excited, I had a hard time getting some of the pins out and then getting some back in, but growing up making models with my dad and sewing with my mom I know the worse thing you can do it force it so I just kept playing with them. Then I plugged it in and YIPEE! It works!!! Thank you so much for all your help this was so cool....I feel like SuperWoman!

Hey that is too cool! Your a Lady? I did not know. Wooooooooohooooooooooo.