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I have a Maytag Heavy Duty Commercial Quality/Oversize Capacity

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I have a Maytag Heavy Duty Commercial Quality/Oversize Capacity Plus with "Lifetime Tub", "Quiet Pack", "4Speed Select" and "13 cycles". (This is what it says on the machine).
It is Model #SAV2655AWW 10 years old.
Approx 2 weeks ago it started leaking. I first noted the floor around the washer to be damp. Was not a large area, but I called a repairman. (From Appliance Man in our area.)
He diagnosed it as a broken tub seal, but felt that the machine was in great shape otherwise, and that for $359.00 he could repair the tub seal and it would be "good as new for another 10 years". Quote/Unquote.
He supposedly tested the machine afterward and found no leaking. After one wash load, I found the machine to be leaking again. I called him back.
On the return trip he found that a hose was leaking (which somehow he didn't notice before??) and he repaired that. Afterward he did test it twice and found no leaking. I then did 2 loads of laundry yesterday and noted no problem.
However, I came home this afternoon and found a massive leak around the machine, the carpet is sopping wet in 3/4 of the room. I took the front off the machine and looked underneath. Could not see any obvious source of leaking. I ran some water in the tub, spun it around, drained it, still cannot see any obvious source of leaking. I am flabbergasted and don't know what to think. I spent all afternoon trying to clean up the water. I turned off the water to the machine, and have 2 dehumidifiers going and a fan in the room to try and dry it out. I sopped up as much water as I could and wet vacced it.
I put in a call to the repairman--again, but I doubt I'll hear from him before Monday.
Any ideas?? What could this be?
Hello, and thank you for using this service. I'll be helping you with your problem today.

It's really hard to know for sure what is leaking since you saw no signs of leaking inside the washer. That being said, when you get that much water leaking onto the floor, it usually has something to do with the drain. If your drain through your house is backing up, the washer will drain and it will backflow. Now you said you had carpet, but if this is in your basement, whoever installed the carpet may have just carpeted over the drain vent on the floor below the carpet. That would create a backup sometimes when it's not draining well and backed up somewhat already causing it to backflow out that vent and into the carpet.

Now that's just a possibility, but I've seen it happen in this manner at least half a dozen times so it definitely could happen. But my suggestion would be get everything dry and then keep running cycles with the front panel of the washer off so that you can see if there is any water inside the washer when you discover the leak. That would let you know if the problem is definitely with the washer or the drain backing up.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

There is a drain hose connected to the washer which goes up and behind the washer into a sort of pipe (sorry I'm not very 'techy' in talking about these things--I don't always know what to call them) that I think is part of the drainage system (?sewage system) for the house. I have observed this closely from the beginning of this problem and all seems to be working well there. When the washer drains, the water goes through the drainage hose and up into where the drainage hose fits into this pipe. There is no moisture or any wetness around that area that would make me think it was malfunctioning.

Should there be a drain underneath the machine as well? It is completely carpeted over underneath the machine. I rent this house, and as far as I know, it's always been this way, though . I would think some wetness would have been noted before now if it drained that way.

So that "sort of pipe" is just your "stand pipe" which is what the washer drain hose goes into and you're correct that it goes out to the sewage system. But there is also a floor drain if you're in the basement. They are all connected together and usually the floor drain is right by the pipe on the floor (sometimes under the washer). You wouldn't see wetness around the pipe, it would come up through the floor drain if it backs up.

As for noticing wetness beforehand---you would never notice any wetness until the drain starts to backup. The drain below the floor is just designed to be there in case the basement floods, but it all ties into the same sewage line and since it's lower than the stand pipe, that's where the water comes out when it backs up.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Wow, this is very interesting. If this is the case...I'm guessing I should call a plumber instead of the washing machine repairman?

Yes, but you'll want to confirm that it's not the washer leaking inside before you pay someone to come out and see why the drain is backing up.
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