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My refrigerator accumulates ice in the bottom of the freezer

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My refrigerator accumulates ice in the bottom of the freezer compartment. Water appears to come from back of inside of unit. the model number is XXXXX
Hello my name is XXXXX XXXXX you for choosing our service.

Your defrost drain is clogged. Your defrost drain is behind the rear wall of the "inside" of the freezer. Its a dime sized hole behind that wall and is also below the cold coils inside and behind that rear freezer wall. Once every 8 to 10 hours the refrigerator goes into defrost, the frost from those coils go right down that drain and because its clogged its running out onto the inside freezer floor.

If you have an ice maker that will need to be removed. There are usually 2 1/4 inch screws over the top of the ice maker and one underneath. Take those out and then follow the wire harness back to the rear inside wall and cut the zip tie if its there then unlock and pull to get the ice maker out.

Remove the parts with the red arrows in the diagram below.

Behind those parts is the evaporator coil that defrosts about every 10 hours. The drain for the defrost is in the floor directly under those coils, its just about the size of a dime. Dig out all the ice and clear that hole.

Once you get that done pour a little warm water down it to be sure its clear. If its not clear find something flexible and push down through it a couple of inches.

Go around behind your refrigerator and remove the lower panel then find the tube that comes out just over the drain pan. If there is a small amount of water in that pan you will be done. The water that drains into that pan evaporates.

The second way to do it but you need to unplug your refrigerator and open the doors overnight. The next day go behind the refrigerator and remove the lower covers. You will see a tube hanging from the bottom of the floor near the compressor. Take something plastic and push into that tube. Do not use anything else, that tube runs right up to aluminum coils that are easily pierced.

That will take care of it, please do not forget to rate my answer and ask if you have any questions.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi, Thanks for the great answer. The refrig. has an ice maker in the door in the top part. In the freezer compartment there appears to be 3 plastic screws that holds on to a pannel on the back of the compartment. Is the pannel the piece I should remove?

Hi Mark it is nice to meet you.

Yes sir that is the panel the drain is right behind that panel and on most models it is dead center under the coils behind it.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi, To get at the screws in the back panel I need to take out the top sliding basket. It comes out only part way. There seems to be a clip on the slide that is possibly a stop. Can I take a screw driver and pop the clip out to get the basket to slide clear out?

Hi Mark on your model yes I believe that is correct there is a stop and that is how you release it.