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Have a Subzero 700 series TC2 and wanted to install icemaker.

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Have a Subzero 700 series TC2 and wanted to install icemaker. Can't easily remove heat exchanger cover. Drawers are out. two screws at top of cover removed. Seems fixed on let side. Now would just like to put it back together. Help?

Jon : Hello
Jon : my name is XXXXX XXXXX I am an authorized SubZero service tech and I ca help you today. I apologize for the delay in a response back to you. I have just logged on now and am seeing your qustion for the first time. Sometimes it can take a little while longer to get a response from an expert that is qualified or certified in you machine.
Jon : i where and am willing to help you if you still need it?

Details are provided in original question. Perhaps we could do better by Phone?

Jon : I wish we could communicate by phone but the website will not let me see any of your phone numbers or any other info.
Jon : we have to keep all communication by the means of this chat and website.
Jon : site policy I am afraid.
Jon : We should be able to get to the bottom of this quickly though. I have works on your machine over and over again.

OK did you se my original question?

Jon : yes. You are looking to install the ice maker in your machine, is that correct?
Jon : was it not already installed in yours?
Jon : Or are you just looking to un install it to look at it then can't put it back in?

Yes, but at this point I just want to get cover for heat eschanger back into position and call a local service technician to do the work. Heat eschanger cover is not returning to original position making it hard to close drawers, So.......

Jon : What are ou referring to the heat exchanger on your machine? The heat exchanger is a seale system component. And on this model that is no where near the ice maker. Nor would it be in the way of removing or installing it.
Jon : please explain the part you are getting held up on a little better and I may be able to help you get the part back in so you don't have to call for service.
Jon : Page 6 of 8 on the following exploded view diagrams will show th freezer cabinet and ice maker parts for your model machine. Please take a look and tell me what parts are giving you trouble?
Jon :
Jon : just copy and paste the link above to your browser to open and view the exploded view diagrams of your machine.

Icemaker installation instructions for 736TC 3 icemaker state "Remove left side heat eschanger cover....then remove cold oplate assembly. Problem began when I attempted to remove heat eschanger cover. Removed two screws at top of cover, then could move right side of cover but left side seem "fixed". Now lcover cannnot be returned to original position.

Jon : Ok. First the instructions for the ice maker to the 736tc 3 are slightly different then for your model. That is why it is a little confusing.
Jon : The heat exchanger they are referring to is the heat plate, which is the plastic mount that goes to the bottom of the ice maker.
Jon : all you needed to do was remove the two screws above the ice maker mold of the ice maker to remove the ice maker from the freezer. Then with the ice maker out of the freezer you would turn the ice maker over and remove the two or three screws to the plastic cover on the bottom of the ice maker. Then fit that cover on the new ice maker then fit back into the freezer. Then replace the two screws above the ice maker to secure it to the freezer cabinet. And of course plug the connector back in and you are set.
Jon : perhaps since you may have the wrong ice maker or instrucitons for your model ref it is giving you a little trouble.
Jon : what is the part number of the ice maker you have now?
Jon : ill check to see if you have the right one.

So the heat plate is on the ice maker... that is not at all clear from instructions. Again, at this point i just want to get the perforated Isheet metal cover over the back of the freezer compartment back in position.

Jon : Are you still with me?

The part number I think is(NNN) NNN-NNNN identified as a 736TC-3 Icemaker and was sold to me by the west coast parts suypplier for Subzero as specifically to fit my 700 TC2

Jon : ok. The cover you are referring to is white in color, correct? And it has slotted open holes on the bottom of the cover, correct?
Jon : that is the evaporator cover. The cover that protects the silver metal coils that is where the cold is made on your machine. That silver set of coils that look like a set of radiator coils will freeze over and produce the cooling for your ref.

Please note that this is a retrofirt of an icemaker to a refrigerator whih did not originallly haveone. theefore there are both plubing and electrical connections tobe made

Jon : the cover protects the evaporator. And to get it on in your machine you will need to angle it at about. 45 degree angle and slide it back in place. Being sure that the cover is slide back in place through the freezer door rails on the right and left sides of the freezer. The cover can't go back on place unless it is fit in correctly.
Jon : i understand fully about the retro fit ice maker and plumbing. I see it all the time on this model.
Jon : it happens as the parts become discontinued or made no longer available.
Jon : so again, to get the cover back in place, first make sure everything is out of the freezer except for the door rails on the right and left side of the freezer cabinet.

Yes then this is the evaporator cover. How is it removed, and therefore, how is it replaced? Everythig is out of the freeaer compartment including both drawers The drawer rails have not been removed.

Jon : Then take the cover and angle it in front of the freezer. Now on the left and right sides fit it through the door rails and tracks and push the cover all the way back until it simply fits into place. Then you will be able to screw it back on then fit all the other components back on.
Jon : ok. Good we ate clear that it is the evaporator cover. And good that everything is removed from the freezer except the door rails. Just take the evaporator cover and fit it through the door rails and slide it back in.
Jon : You should see the spots that are cut out on the evaporator cover for the door rails. Just match it up and fit back in place. Sometimes it takes some finagling with so you may have to bend the cover a bit to get back in place.
Jon : you should feel it and see it go back in.

The cover could never be removed! It came loose from the right side but never on the left.. Then after the right side was pulled toward the front of the unit, the lower portion of the cover became jammmed against the lower flooor of the unit. Was the evaporator cover suppposed to hing e from the bottoom, and be pullled out at the top? Not at all evident from looking at it.

Jon : sometimes it works better if you fit one side of the cover in place in the back of the freezer first. In the gap between the door rails and the evaporator. Then just bend the cover to get the other side in.
Jon : then screw it in place
Jon : ah. Gotcha. I know what has happened now.

Is the left side fixed in any way? It nvever could be loosened.

Jon : take a look at the left side of the evap cover. On the top and bottom. Do you see th screws that are holding it up? That is all that holds the cover in place. Three or four screws that go through the cover and fit into the evaporator mounting plate.
Jon : the cover is never just fit into place. It is screwed in. Usually with 1/4 nuts. They might be painted white to blend into the cover so look closely to find them. It sounds like the right side screws of the cover came loose and the cover has dropped on that side. Causing the cover to become jammed into place so to speak.
Jon : all you need to do is search for the screws on the left side. And when found remove them and pull the cover off or just fit it back in so you can get it all back together. If you don't see the screws then just pull on the cover to get it straight.

there are two Phillips screwes each 11/2 to 2" long that I removed burt which did not seem to add any mobility to evaporator clover plate


THose two phillips sscrews are on the left but it doesn't seem that they are related to the cover plate. I removed them both but it din't make the cover plate mobile

Jon : Ok. Some models used Philips heads. If you have removed all the screws then there is nothing else holding it in place. It just seems like it has been jammed in there. So in that case, get a pair of gloves and yank on the cover to get it out. Then bend any parts of the evaporator that have been damaged and try to fit it back in place. You will know it is in correctly when the screw holes line up.
Jon : if everything is out of the freezer except for the evap cover and door rails then you should have a clear look as to if the screws are in the cover still. If they are remove them. If not, then again, there is nothing else holding this cover in place. Just pull on it to remove the cover.

Does the evaporator plate hinge at the bottom.
That is when two small Phillips screws are removed at the top, should the plate open at the top and "hinge " on the bottom? Again, I can't get the left side of the cover plate to move, and I can't get ahold of it in any way.

Jon : Also be sure that when you say there is nothing else in the freezer except for the rails and cover, that the plastic cover for the evap fan is out as well? Sometimes that will hold up the evap cover and make it hard to remove.

The only thing covering the evap fan is the cover plate that you are calling the evaporator cover plate. It is sheet metal with slots at top and bottom.

Jon : no it should not hinge from the left or the right. You would simply grab the top middle portion of the cover and pull down at about a 45 degree angle to free the cover then slide it out. The door rails on either side is what makes it difficult to get this cover out.
Jon : So if you would like to remove the door rails and that may make it easier for you.
Jon : the evap cover is the large metal cover that goes all the way from left to right of the freezer. The evap fan cover is a smaller cover that only covers the fan. And again it is only on some model years of this model machine.
Jon : did you look at the diagram link I sent you above. That may clear up the difference in parts you are trying to remove.
Jon : here the link again
Jon :

The top of the evap cover is closely applied to the top of the freezer compartment. There is no room to get a finger or a toole between the top of the cover and the top or ceiling of the freezer compartment. The rails for the drawer do not appear to be impeding movement of the evap cover, it just can't be moved on the left side.

Jon : just copy and paste the link above to your browser to open and view. The parts you are referring to are on page 4 and 6
Jon : yes that is correct about the top of the cover being close to the top of th freezer. That is why with the screws removed from the cover it will drop a bit so you can get a finger or two in there and remove it.

NOted. So I will try again to remove the two left sided screws, as indicated in the parts diagram. But it didn't work the first time I tried it. Won't know if this solves the problem til I spend fifteen minutes doing the screws again. Shall we put the chat on hoold? How do we reconnect? Thx

Jon : if you are having trouble and don't want to yank on it or can't then I would suggest waiting for the repair tech to come and do it for you. But just so you know, if the screws are removed and all else is out of the freezer there is nothing else holding it in place. Unless of course someone else has fashioned something else in there keeping it in place. And that I couldn't be able to see or begin to tell you how to remove without seeing it myself.
Jon : you can try it out and definitely get back to me here.
Jon : You can get bck to me here at any time. The chat will never close us out unless you don't come back for more then thirty days.

Understood. No one has been there before me. So I just start typing when I want to reactivate the chat?

Jon : tyr it out and get back to me here.


Jon : Yes. Just bookmark or save this website and page to your favorites on your computer to come back here quicker and just type again. And I will see you have logged back in and I will come back on line if I am not already and help you more.
Jon : talk to you in a bit. Please let me know how you do. Thanks.
Jon : and if you feel that I have helped to answer your questions please be sure to rate my performance positively below this chat with ok service or better rating so that I can get credit from the website for helping you. And if you ever have more questions about this machine again at a later time, you can still come back to me here and I will help you more for no additional charge.
Jon : How didi you make out with the cover?
Jon : do you still need more help or have any other questions? Please get back to me here if you still need help.
Jon : thanks.
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