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I have a Kenmore HE2t Washer, Model #110.47571601. Washer

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I have a Kenmore HE2t Washer, Model #110.47571601. Washer blew the breaker, opened up washer and the black wire to the heating element was fried at the heater end, so the wire of course needs replaced. But why did wire fry? I pulled heater and tested, 14 Ohms. Online, people are giving 10-16 Ohms for similar washing machine heaters as good. The prong the wire was connected to is slightly burnt, but not sure if that was just from the wire heat or did the prong get damaged. Is the heater sensor faulty and asking for more heat when not necessary? Not sure how I check that.

Just looking to see if I should only change the wire, are there any other tests I can do to check equipment, or do I just replace all three things? Thank you in advance.
My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be helping you today. This is almost always caused by a wire that is loose. You will need to replace the wire and clean up the prong with some sandpaper.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your reply. That makes sense since the wire is connected to the main drum that spins and vibrates. I just wanted to make sure. For the wire repair, Sears is not showing this wire harness as an option to buy. Plus, only one wire is bad. The wire I can get from a local store, but the connectors look pretty specific. Would there be a good website you've used or know of that might have the connectors I'm looking for. You reply to this question will not affect my rating for you. I can google, but if there was a website you used I would go there first. Thanks again.

I would suggest a local hardware store. Take the old one with you and they should have something that will work.
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