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I have a Frigidaire model LGHN2844MFO French door lower drawer

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I have a Frigidaire model LGHN2844MFO French door lower drawer freezer with ice maker. I have read of numerous problems with the ice maker not working on these. Mine works fine when the water gets into the ice maker instead of freezing up and then dripping down into the drawer glides and freezing the whole thing closed. Requires a great amount of force to get open and then I have to fight with removing the drawer and tray, or contort myself to use a screwdriver to chisel the ice out. Anyway, I'm fairly technically savvy, and just want to shut the freezer off, defrost everything and then stick my head in there and see if there is a misalignment to the water supply tube. The first time this happened, I was out of town for two weeks and the wife couldn't get the freezer open.

Jon : Hello
Jon : my name is XXXXX XXXXX I am an authorized frigidaire service tech and I can help you today.
Jon : the first thing you should do is remove the food from the freezer and remove the freezer baskets.
Jon : and then wiggle yourself under the freezer door to get into the freezer. Once in the freezer area take a hair dryer and some towels and defrost the ice from the freezer rails and ice maker area. Then while there look for the ice maker fill tube me checks its alignment. Making sure that the tube is aligned with the ice maker fill tray to the ice maker mold. If it is not fix it. If it is and the ice maker water is still leaking out of the ice maker then you will need to replace the ice maker.

Done, and done.

Jon : this will be the easiest way to fix this issue. Unless you want to completely turn the ref off to let it defrost properly for two days?
Jon : done and done, you had defrosted the freezer and ice maker already? And looked at the ice maker fill tube?
Jon : what did you find when doing so?

Sorry, removed the food and the baskets. Haven't contorted myself in there this time, but the last time the water tube had ice built up in it and there was a flow of ice down the back of the freezer and into the drawer glide. I'm wanting to fix this without having to shut down the refrigerator.

Jon : gotcha. That's what I thought you meant.
Jon : it is a common problem.
Jon : If the water is dripping down the back of the fill tube then it is possible that the first time the water froze in the fill tube to the ice maker that it might have pushed the fill tube out a bit.

Okay, what do I need to do/look for?

Jon : first thing to do is defrost the ice maker area now if it has ice then check the alignment. If the alignment is good. Then go to the back of the ref and look for the other end of the ice maker fill tube that comes through the back of the freezer wall and make sure the tube has not come loose there.

Okay, do you recommend a hair dryer to defrost the ice maker area?

Jon : if it has come loose remove the screw or clamp holding it in and then adjust the clamp or screw tighter. Making sure the fill tube is securely tightened.
Jon : If it happens again then you need a new water valve and ice maker.
Jon : if the ice maker is calling for too much water the water will back up into the fill tube causing it to freeze. And then cause the issue you have now.
Jon : yes use a hair dryer. That is the quickest way to defrost the ice. It should take about 30 mins to defrost the ice. Depending on how bad it is.
Jon : if the water valve is staying open too long and not shutting quick enough the water will seep through the valve and again back up into the fill tube.
Jon : Again, causing th same issue.
Jon : since there is now real way to test the ice maker or fill valve for this problem it is just recommended to replace both the ice maker and water valve. But I recommend replacing one at a time and then letting the machine run normally for a few days and see if the problem goes away. If it does lest say with only installing the ice maker, then you know it was just the ice make that was the issue. Then I would suggest returning the water valve for a refund.
Jon : but of the ice maker doesn't fix the problem alone, then install the water valve.
Jon : do you have any questions so far? I know I have covered a lot of info and covered it quickly so please let me know if I am going to fast for you.

Alright, sounds like I have a little bit of work ahead of me. It looks like you've answered my question. The clamp that I need to adjust is on the back of the unit? If the problem persists, I need to replace the ice maker and water valve?

Jon : Yes that is correct.
Jon : as long as the fill tube is installed and aligned correctly.

Alright thank you for your quick and courteous service.

Jon and 4 other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you

Thank you for the positive rating it is greatly appreciated. Should you have more questions please get back to me here at any time and I will help you more for no additional charge.

Please let me know how you do with the machine.

Thanks again.
Thank you for the very generous bonus as well. It is greatly appreciated.