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How do LG microwaves compare to the average for reliability

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How do LG microwaves compare to the average for reliability and workmanship? I've got my eye on the model with the extenda vent which will cover more stovetop surface and catch more of the grease and such that otherwise gets up to the cabinets.

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Good evening, these are some of the most difficult questions to answer. L.G. s are generally good microwaves as far as microwaves go. I'm not sure which model your looking at however. (if you get me the model I'll know better) Like any appliance today their basically all the same however. most of the parts are made by the same companies. Can you get me the model your looking at ? I'll be glad to see if the model your looking at has any major issue's. thanks , Bryan

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I think this is the current model

a similar LG in action
Okay great, Actually this is a very good unit. better than most. The extenda venting system works very well. We have not had a lot of calls for repairs on these units . they are high priced units under $500.00 though and are well made. like any appliance today I cant promise you will never have an issue but as far as microwaves go they are very good units. they have a good magnetron warranty which is the part thats fails the most on all microwaves. they have a two year warranty on the microwave itself and the Magnetron: LG will pay for the costs of parts to repair the magnetron for a further EIGHT (8) YEARS which in LG's opinion needs repair because of a manufacturing or materials defect from expiration of the Original Warranty. Please note you must pay the costs of labor
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I like this one as well becasue I think a 400 CFM blower it at the top range of what a over the range micro can accomplish isn't it? I cant accomodate a vent hood so this is my best alternative I think. Am I wrong are there stronger venting systems in this type of micro for under $500 ?
the cfms are only as good as the venting going out of the house. is this vented outside ?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Not yet but it's part of the plan.

In the mean time, If I installed it to pull through the metallic filters typical to these, won't it capture a large part of the grease?
yes it will, its just they will clog faster and will need to be cleaned more often. if you can vent outside its the best way to go.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Alright. What other options for an over the range would spare me the cleaning of grease off of the cabinets? Any other options that would exceed the performance of this LG for a similar price?
Well to be honest I could spend all day looking at different models and comparing them but the best way to know is to talk directly with LG and other makers and get the info on them first hand. If you start low balling for low prices you will compromise the quality and thats what your trying to avoid. There are thousands of different models and makes unfortunately and this is best done either at the store or talking directly to the suppliers.
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