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Appliance Doc, looked at a Frigidaire dishwasher the other

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Appliance Doc, looked at a Frigidaire dishwasher the other day. Opened the door when it was in its wash cycle and the spray arm (this one only had a lower one that telescopes up from water pressure) wasn't moving. Thought it may be clogged. Probably change it out since it may be clogged. Sound like a good first step?
Hello, again friend.

So yes, if it's not moving, be sure to spin the wash arm by hand and make sure it spins freely. If it spins freely by hand, then either the holes are clogged (be sure to clean the holes on the top and bottom of the arm with a toothpick) and if they are clean and it still doesn't spin, you either don't have enough pressure or the wash arm will need to be replaced. You'd need to make a judgement call as to which part you want to replace -- the wash arm, or the circulation pump depending on if you think it's producing enough pressure or not. In addition to that, be sure that the water fills up enough on the floor to touch the metal posts that support the heating element. If you don't have enough water, that will cause a lack in pressure as well.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Okay. One thing. Most of the Frigidaire spray arms I see on youtube are the flat kind that have two plastic clips in the center and no hole for the telescoping part. This one has the hole in the center. Do you know how to get those arms off? Any trick to this type?
Removing the arm is the same for the most part. Remove the center filter catch below the arm and then there are some plastic tabs that you pry out with a flat head screwdriver. Then the arm just pulls straight up and off. Below is a picture where I drew an arrow to the tabs.

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