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Rick, Repair Guy
Category: Appliance
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Experience:  25 years service experience as a technician. Experienced on both high end and regular appliances.
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I have a Kenmore Elite full upright refrigerator...model number

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I have a Kenmore Elite full upright refrigerator...model number elite 253.26082101 that is beeping and won't stop...

repairguy : My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will assist you tonight.
Customer: Hello Rick...
repairguy : is this a all refrigerator?
Customer: no, it's a freezer-only, upright..
Customer: Rick, what happens if my browser freezes or I have to reboot...can you call me?
repairguy : im sorry we are not suppose to call people, you are not charged a thing until you rate the quality of my answers. I will be on the computer for at least a couple more hours
Customer: does this sound familiar at all?
repairguy : I believe what you are hearing is the high temp alarm
repairguy : you should be able to turn it off.
repairguy : Is your freezer freezing everything
Customer: The freezer is not plugged in at this second, but when it was on, the food was not being was starting to get the high temp alarm could be right..
Customer: What could be causing the freezer to be high temp...?
repairguy : Ok in that case we need to figure out what is causing the trouble.
Customer: The door was closed was purchased only about 5 years ago...
repairguy : Can you plug it back in and we will check a few things?
Customer: Sure...
Customer: Ok, it's plugged in...
repairguy : You will need to open the door, but when you do this push the light switch button and tell me if you hear the fan turning
Customer: Ok, give me one second..
Customer: Where is the light switch button?
repairguy : Lower Right hand corner
Customer: of the freezer body?
Customer: it seems that the light in the freezer is still on when the door is closed...
Customer: I can tell because we pulled back the gasket around the door edge when the door is closed..
Customer: but I still can't find the light switch..
repairguy : it sounds like you are on the right track, you may need to just purchase a new light switch]
repairguy : would you like me to locate a part for you
Customer: that would be great, but do you think the light being on might be raising the temperature enough to set off the alarm?
repairguy : definetly, at my parents lake house they have a well for water and we use a 60 watt light bulb running all the time in the winter to stop the pipes from freezing
Customer: what? 60 watt bulb??
Customer: could we take the bulb out for the time being?
repairguy : sorry nothing to do with your unit, yes the light will raise the temp and yes for the time being the light being removed is the answer.
Customer: the freezer's at 61 degrees...isn't that a bit high for just a lightbulb warming the inside?
Customer: (No, I understood what you were saying about your parent's place...just surprising is all)
repairguy : 297243800 is the light switch, it sells for just under $15 dollars at
repairguy : 61 does seem a bit high, but I have a feeling that the switch is also controlling the fan running. Can you hear the compressor running in the rear of the unit?
Customer: something is running in the rear of the unit, yes
Customer: sounds sorta like a fan
repairguy : yeah it looks like a black pot, it should be warm to the touch
Customer: let me check....that's the compressor, right?
Customer: Yes, it is warm.
repairguy : Then I believe all you need is the switch and you should be back in business
Customer: Is there anything else I should consider?
repairguy : There really is not alot here. Compressor which is what makes the evaporator cold, the fan which circulates the air inside. If that switch is not turning the light off then I would bet it is not telling the fan it is ok to run either.
Customer: That sounds reasonable...
Customer: Does the fan only circulate the air when the freezer door is closed? (or that's what it's supposed to do)
Customer: (Hence if the switch ain't working, then the fan isn't (probably) working...)
repairguy : That is what i believe especially if you open up the door and dont feel air movement.
Customer: Ok, yes, that's correct.
Customer: You nailed it.
Customer: I'm going to give you "Excellent service"
repairguy : Thank you if you have any question just come back to this question and ask I will help
Customer: Ok, that's great...I appreciate it...
Customer: Submitting...
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