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I have a 1 yrs old Whirpool French Door, Ice in the door refridgeator.

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I have a 1 yrs old Whirpool French Door, Ice in the door refridgeator. About a week ago I noticed it had frost build up on the back wall where the icemaker area is. I chipped the build up out. It has started making a loud hi pitch humming noise when in cycle. It also seems to cycle on and off alot. The frost is beginning to build up again in the same area. I unplugged it for about an hr and have plugged it back in but the humming is still there. SHould I be concerned ?
Hello, and thank you for using this service. I'll be helping you with your problem today.

Can I get the full model number to better assist you please? The number you ahve listed is a part number, not the model number. The model should be located on a sticker near the ceiling of the refrigerator section.

Also, is this unit under 1 year old still or over?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
the only sticker I see on the inside is at the bottom and has W10248352A. It is less that 1 yr old
The model would be on a sticker near the ceiling of the refrigerator, but I would definitely need the model number to better assist you?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
There is no other sticker in the inside at all I have looked everywhere. I bought this at a scrathc and dent place maybe they took it off ?
If they took it off (which they may do), then the unit isn't designed to be sold anymore. Manufacturers require dealers to pull the sticker off the model when it is considered to be a lemon and can't be fixed, but some scratch and dent places will try to sell the unit anyways. More than likely the unit was returned because they couldn't fix the issue and that's why it's not working again. But you will need a technician to come out if you don't have a model number so they can see what is going on and see exactly which model you have hopefully. It sounds like you have a defrost issue where the refrigerator isn't defrosting on it's own. You can unplug the unit for 24 hours and let everything thaw out, but if the frost comes back, you have quite a major issue compounded by the fact that you don't have the exact model number. If it's less than a year old, call the company you bought it from and make sure they fix the problem, because once it's over a year old Whirlpool will never touch this machine without the model/sticker tag on it no matter what is wrong with it.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I just pulled the back off and I dont see the fan running in the back of the fridge at all. COuld this be the frosting issue?
The fan only runs when the refrigerator doors are shut. Make sure the doors are shut and then open them quickly to see if the fan is running. If it's not running, then yes that will definitely cause a frosting issue. Also make sure that the frost isn't building up so much that it's stopping the fan blade from moving.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I opened the bottom freezer pull out drawer and shut and the fan started and is still running. Are you saying that the fan should be all the time when the doors are shut or only when they are opened and shut? There is a number writtne in permananet marker on back of the fridge thats reads 12/18/12 I assume thats a datae thou ?
I'm just saying that sometimes the fan will turn off if the door is open and it's at a certain point in the cooling cycle, but shutting the door will allow the fan to turn back on. And yes, that sounds like a date to me. If you thaw all the frost out and it starts working with the fan running again, possibly the fan is stalling sometimes and the fan needs to be replaced.

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