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Rick, Repair Guy
Category: Appliance
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Experience:  25 years service experience as a technician. Experienced on both high end and regular appliances.
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I have a Samsung Microwave (SMH9187ST) and the door will not

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I have a Samsung Microwave (SMH9187ST) and the door will not latch. I have removed the door and can hear loose pieces in the door. How do I disassemble the door to replace what I think is a broken latch mechanism?

repairguy : My name isXXXXX will assist you
repairguy : Do you see the plastic trim on the inside of the door?
repairguy : That trim piece is clipped on
repairguy : If you pull it off you will see all the parts for the latch assy
Customer: yes it see the trim piece.
Customer: which corner is best to pry to plastic piece?
repairguy : The latch assy is fairly simple it is a spring and the latches
repairguy : I usually go with a corner away from the latch, just use a flat blade screwdriver to get you started
Customer: got it - broken spring anchor point on the latch mechanism.
repairguy : The only thing you can do is purchase a new door, unless you can rig the anchor point somehow.
repairguy : Would you like me to get you a part number and price
Customer: Yes
repairguy : DE64-02065A is the part number for the new door, you can purchase it for $55.99 from
repairguy : To change is real easy remove the upper grill, then the old door will lift off the hinges and new one can be placed right on
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