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Maytag dryer not working, when we try to run it, it makes a

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Maytag dryer not working, when we try to run it, it makes a humming sound

Jon : Wow sounds like you,got,sounds tenants that don't care about taking care of your machines.
Jon : My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am an appliance expert here,with just answer and I can help you today.
Jon : lets first start with the dryer.
Customer: ok
Jon : After you hit and let go of the start button it hums? Or you have to hit and keep holding the start button for it to run?
Customer: It doesn't run
Jon : it almost sounds as if the belt or motor are bad.
Jon : ok.
Jon : so it doesn't even run. Just makes th humming noise?
Jon : What happens when you let go of the start button?
Jon : if you are setting the cycle and hitting the start button and it gives you any hesitation or grinding noise the motor is bad.
Jon : But of it runs for a little while and the humming happens then it would be the belt.
Jon : also, if it smells like a burning odor then it is definitely your motor overheating and shorting out. Give it the day to rest then try again tomorrow. If it runs after the rest it is the motor.
Jon : It is very common to have a motor fail like this and give you the humming noise. And especially if you have tenants that don't care for the machine and abuse it.
Jon : the motor pa number is XXXXX and should cost about $130. But your machine is old and may not be the only thing wrong. I would hate to see you spend more then $100 to fix this issue to find something else go wrong in the near future.
Customer: HOw much does that cost? It hums and never starts
Jon : Pit may just be worth it for you to get a newer more energy efficient dryer. Get a whirlpool or maytag like you have now. They are the best for the money right now. You,can get a good one for about $350
Customer: What can cause motor to break?
Jon : again, if it hums and doesn't start you have a bad motor. It is about $130 for the part. And if you need someone to do the install it will cost about $100 for a company to instal it for you.
Jon : So you are looking at a job cost of about $250. Unless you want to install it I would just get a new machine.
Jon : misuse of the machine. Which is constantly overloading it and not cleaning the lint trap. This will all cause the motor to overheat and eventually break.
Jon : it is common. Especially on these older machines. When a motor is used constantly on a large or heavy cycle it is overworked and eventually just fails. And the humming you are hearing is the windings in the motor trying to kick in. But never do.
Jon : You can get a good deal on whirlpool or maytag dryers now at either lowes or pc Richards. Like I said, you can get a new one a more energy efficient one that will hold up better for you with the tenants for about $350.
Customer: Thank you
Jon : You are very welcome
Jon : i am glad I could help you.
Jon : Please remember to rate my performance positively with ok service or better rating now if you feel that I have helped to answer your questions
Jon : And if you have more questions about this machine please come back to me here again at any time and I will help you more for no additional charge.
Jon : and if you would like to ask other questions about other machines I can help you with those as well.
Customer: I will ask you some questions about my other appliances too. What time are you available? Right now I am passing out with sleep.
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